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realising that every time i talk about Gooigi i’ve been calling them Tom

hey what the fuck nightwave this is just the bob ross theme song

i'm going for a fuckign coffee on this friday afternoon and then i'm going to just read the death stranding review

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just spent literally a full hour composing a reply to a critical-priority email thread, only for literally every single recipient of the email to activate their out-of-office autoreplies |:

some automatic process on my work laptop keeps starting up and every second my cursor briefly changes to a busy cursor and it's..annoying.

honestly there's not a single piece of information in the world which has been more valuable to me (in relation to learning a language) than when @unlobito told me that the diacritic markings on spanish text (like é) are basically just cheat markers indicating how to say it.

cool how the temperature sensor near my TV can show the time during which my TV was on

especially not when i have -another- meeting directly after, because then you have two useless meetings with pre-coffee me

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i will
A) join the meeting several minutes late
B) barely understand you
C) be of limited help

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holy fucking shit please do not schedule meetings with me for literally the very minute that i get into work

The werewolf held a pumpkin shaped bucket. In it's massive paws it appeared comically small .

"Twick o' tweat? Oh, um, and no chockit, pwease."

I looked up at their puppy eyes, just visible below my door frame.

Beside them, a vampire dressed as a cheerleader rolled his eyes; behind them both a barely corporeal ghost struggled to keep their sheet on.

"Is... a tummy rub a treat?"

The werewolf's tail knocked over all my jack-o-lanterns.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Paranormal

Can you pet the dog in Luigi's Mansion 3? [video] 

i want to make a website for my new software before i actually announce it, but the website needs to be very . please help me choose what to do for it.

sergeant puppy’s sleepy snouts club band

fuck it i'll just schedule that time, they can suggest an earlier time if they want :s

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holy :s_wide: :h_wide: :i_wide: :t_wide: i'm trying to schedule a meeting across multiple timezones and literally the next slot i can find is nearly 2 weeks from now

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