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can whoever is currently in the office whose notification tone is a goddamn airhorn please goodbye

*examining claws thoughtfully* you could say i'm puppy

Private Internet Access doesn't seem to understand the problem with #gab. I'm gonna #isolategab and get a new VPN provider.

peter griffin sans undertale is possibly the worst thing i've ever seen

me at 10 years old: man i wonder what i'll be doing in like 15 years
me, 26, sitting at my desk in work: the entire world is on fire, let's just imagine a surreal alternate-universe earth that has Scarfolk, Night Vale, PR Gnus in Washington, and Suricrasia Online

i now want to create a fake manual for a bluetooth headset that features teeth

unsure if this is influence from Welcome to Night Vale or @SuricrasiaOnline (or maybe Suricrasia Online is the ISP for Night Vale? it's plausible they could exist in the same universe)

oh yall don't have teeth on your headset? weird

"battery low", my headset says to me, lying through its teeth

folks if your partner:
- is powered on
- has 8 hours of talk time
- is connected to PC 1
- is connected to Phone 1

that ain't a person, that's a plantronics headset

man caravan palace's latest album really fuckin slaps doesn't it. can't stop listening to it

oh my God these mailing lists are a treat to know the existence of

sidenote: thanks to this mass-mail i now hold the sobering knowledge that somewhere in the company there are several hundred people who have CVS access and i can only assume at least one of those people actively uses it

oh my god buddy did you need to send a calendar invite to literally everyone in the org that has cvs, svn or git access

i know it's muted buddy don't call me out on my fuckin yawning

problem with my headset being muted during a webex call is every time i yawn (every few seconds) my headset or my computer will tell me my mic is muted

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