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maybe it would be a good idea to look at traefik again
i feel kinda averse to stuff written in go though :s

i -think- i've sussed the issue with the loadbalancer; the firewall admin interface was running on port 443 and bound to all interfaces. it -seems- that, when the admin interface is running and haproxy starts up, sometimes when it's been online for a long while it'll not be able to bind..? or something?? i can't explain why it would work at all

the interns just across from me in the office have spent the last fifteen minutes animatedly discussing whether there will be any kind of conflict if they both commit unrelated changes to separate files, to the same git branch

dialling the courts on my telephone to alert them that i wish to take tom to their court of law in order to sue the slime bastard for reminding me of :office2007: 's aesthetics

me: change which interfaces u listen on
opnsense: are u sure?? u could lock urself out and that wouldn't be good
me: [clicks "I understand, I know what I'm doing"]
opnsense: [connection timed out]

not fully sure how long q.p was inaccessible, but basically HAProxy, the load-balancer that handles all q.p traffic, went down, and instead users were being served (for some reason) the login page for the firewall instead. we've been behind HAProxy since the beginning, all that's changed is we've moved from it running on a pfSense appliance, to an OPNsense appliance.

apologies for the outage (again) ._.

why the hell is opnsense's haproxy package so much less stable than pfsense's haproxy package ;-;

nearly the turn of the hour, it is time for me to Dubstep My Ass Outta Here

plantronics headset has spent the last hour and a half solid telling me 'recharge headset', before which it was telling me 'battery low'.

when i turned it on this morning it said 8 hours remained, so..let me actually get that 8 hours pls? :(

@Siphonay youtube thumbnails work for me (replying to ur now deleted tooter)

when you flush the sidekiq retries and dead lists, you get some pretty interesting "mountain" art on the dashboard

yeah sure i hate my last workplace for not questioning why someone with known complaints against him would be trying to get rid of the people who complained about him
i hate them for lots of things
but the thing i hate them the most for is making me start again

i'm in a better place now and all, but christ i hate feeling inexperienced like this .w.

genuinely the thing i hate my previous workplace for more than anything else, is that in making me have to go and get a job elsewhere, I have to start again and go through training and etc. i'm again in the situation where i'm having to prove myself and learn lots of "basic" things

if two men were on the moon and they each killed 30-50 feral hogs would that be fucked up or what

thanks to how they office is laid out now i am the asshole who takes the elevator a single flight up or down

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