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in order to support growth and general continuation of the service, is going to be moving to a new server. not exactly sure when cause i'm still testing to make sure nothing's gonna break.

it will happen at some point this month and in the following stages:
* load-balancer migration (w/ internal redirect back)
* database migration (w/ removing redirect in load-balancer)
* CDN migration (expected to take longest. q.p will be up during this but media will be unavailable)

sorry about the continued unexpected outages on, folks. it's sorted out now and i am working on a more permanent fix still

yeah maybe personal attacks are not nice, but you don't get to pretend you aren't the instigator.

context: a user made a post. another user responded with hateful rhetoric. shock of all shocks, their hateful rhetoric was met with hateful replies.

hateful user then reported everyone, because apparently it's cool to tell someone their existence and request for consideration about their right to be alive is a threat to their safety, but it's not cool if someone tells them to get fucked for it

buddy if you report someone on because you were being a terf to them you know i'm just going to close the report.

Please, my father was called dad, call me daddy

*thinks about all my friends*
πŸ’• :blobmiou: πŸ’•
*loud purr*
*louder purr*
*very loud purr*
*KITTEN.EXE is now emitting MAXIMUM PURR ENERGY into the fediverse!*

Dan Aykroyd is the only true ghostbuster because he's the only one that got his nut busted by a ghost. i hate this post

response to the headline "Combine AMP and PWA for ultra-fast mobile experiences" 

nearly the end of pride month and i have finally put up my pride avatar lmfao

love to interact with the ActivityPub network on this day

completely unsurprised to inform you that my work has made me redundant

i remembered Minio has an apparently "stupid-easy" system for doing distributed storage so i set it up

turns out yes, it is stupid-easy to set it up, however in order for your data to actually be distributed and replicated, it needs to be accessed only through minio's S3 APIs. :/

hey would anyone say it's a stupid idea to try glusterfs for this

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