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the timeline for this is five fucking months please kill me

i feel like i have aged 20 years in this last single hour

folks i am in a meeting with IT people from everywhere in corporate so we can discuss license auditing and i just so very much want to fall asleep

i knew this would happen.

support ticket from user saying an internal app that uses an AD account with delegated permissions to perform certain tasks isn't working for them.

look and see that the previous idiot in charge of IT four years ago had given that user AD admin rights for absolutely no reason, and although those rights had since been removed, user was still subject to the SDAdminHolder stuff and thus delegated rights did not allow writing to attributes on their account.

folks, i'm looking for a blog platform and i dunno what i could use.
i'm looking for something that:
* supports publishing thru Open Live Writer
* isn't written in ruby/java
* preferably isn't written in php or nodejs

what do

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computers are garbage machines from a toilet.

that one katy perry song where she sings "to the rhythm" in a way that goes against the rhythm of the song is one of the very worst things the radio constantly plays

santa claus is coming to town, but sung in minor tone and with an air of foreboding

it’s fun when two minutes before early end to the work day a ticket comes in saying customer service will be out at the same time and could we please make sure the phone system knows we are on holiday

reminder that it was an absolutely terrible decision on my boss's part to make me be the person who primarily manages the phone system cause our options for hold music are:
- cisco's default hold music (we no longer use a cisco phone system)
- Come On And Slam.wav

also the choice of phone wallpapers is:
- 10 pictures of my dog
- 3 marketing pictures
- some flowers and shit that the phones came with

google dot com how to Get Rich Real Quick (in cookie clicker)

google dot com how short do i have to trim despacito down before it's legally allowed to be used as hold music at work

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Folks, now has two new themes to choose from: meemu-purple and meemu-vaporwave, both from

you: "hey I love you"

me: "hey I love you too"

you: "aw than-"

me: "I love these LaysⓇ Wavy Brand Potato chips haha"

you and me, in unison: "We love the taste of lays!™️"

thanks for reading haha

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