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"user stories" are the single most annoying thing. every time i'm forced to read or write one of them i want to die will be down for a moment to finalise some upgrades!

folks, has been upgraded to Mastodon 2.6.1! adjustments have also been made to improve site performance, should hopefully clear up the sluggishness and occasional errors y'all have been seeing

ah., 62% of that memory demand is just from Puma.


jesus christ mastodon is hongery for ram.
assigned memory is 16gb
memory demand is 23gb

friends, the instance has been suspended on due to a high number of reports, and general concern about the purpose and administration of their instance.

I think my favorite McElroyism is "glossy jpeg," an absolutely meaningless pair of words upon inspection

i am just please as punch to report that it is now the weekend. work is over for two days and i managed to completely avoid the abominable frenchman

*nascar font*
The Official Beverage of Trans™️

awesome, docker hub is down right as i'm working on something important-ish

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fun fact I am not a database admin; i wanted to increase the number of database connections allowed so i could run more processes in parallel and it turns out I was not doing it right

q.p may run a little sluggish for the next ~30 minutes because there is a queue of like 51.3k things in the processing queue, apologies

folks, has been upgraded to mastodon 2.5.2 (and also more resources, hopefully no more intermittent blips)

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