friends, the instance freespeechextremists has been instance-level suspended on due to their policies on user conduct and due to their actual user conduct. apparently this has been going on for a while, but I’ve only found out tonight - my apologies, friends

@ThatWallflower The instance in question has been defederated and suspended - I genuinely was unaware of the instance else I would have suspended it immediately. My apologies that I wasn’t as proactive as normal here :(

@ThatWallflower Hi! Sorry about that - this isn’t an intentional decision; i’ve been going through a very stressful time and haven’t had much to myself outside of work. I’ll review this shortly, sorry!

hey uh, google, why do you have a console host open

my favourite thing about the modern internet is seeing posts on forums dated this year where people talk about needing a crossover cable if not connecting to a router or switch

@intelminer listen to shard they know what they're talking about

big thanks to myself for using space jam mp3s as test files on our infrastructure at work because this just appeared in one of the log files:

/s3/{bucket}/Quad City DJ's - Space Jam (Original).mp3: transport endpoint is not connected

@barricorn Hi, sorry for the disruption - the server ran out of disk space. Everything should be back to normal now

@formalian Hi, welcome to!

Please make sure that all of your NSFW posts are correctly marked using content warnings (screenshot below). NSFW content is absolutely allowed here, but we ask that you please be mindful that others on may not want to see NSFW things.

@squirrellilly i don’t think i’ve removed any emojos (other than one flag which I now don’t remember, annoyingly) - happy to add more if you can send them my way. If you’ve seen them on other instances, just the name of the emojo on that instance is enough for me to find it (cause there’s a handy little admin panel for looking at federated emojos)

@byttyrs thanks for letting me know; will take a look in the morning and see if something went screwy

@sky unfortunately only like one of those applications are even Lenovo's fault there; all that garbo is preinstalled even in friggin' windows 10 enterprise

today i have: written a draft of a formal complaint email to HR regarding a director of the company; a complaint email which is longer than most of the reports I turned in as coursework at university
tomorrow i will: attempt to have the courage to actually click send

@snep if u could buy executive function then I would not be the colossal mess I am today

hmm.. azure free-for-life includes 1 million function executions.
what awful things can I do with this.

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