@radostin04 @dogo it was about £130 for the 868 vs £200 for the 878 at the time. i’m not sure what the difference is now

@radostin04 @dogo oh I couldn’t justify the 878’s costs either, but the 868 was much cheaper (despite having identical hardware) and modding it with the 878’s firmware was fairly simple

@radostin04 @dogo it’s a nice handset, i have two baofengs but they’re not that great and don’t do digital at all

@radostin04 @dogo 868 but it’s one of the variants that are physically identical to the 878, so it has the 878 firmware flashed to it

alt text deliberately not included because i'm not describing this shit

something i deeply enjoy is the practice of referring to people as [firstname] [thing they're from]
like sans undertale and harry discoelysium and tim apple

@wxcafe this is just an evolution of my gender identity in four steps

nazi symp shit 

@dogo the real world equivalent of hexagon pfp in terms of “it is legally permissible to bully this person”

if you own a real license for IDA Pro you work for CIA. if you have created something you call a "closed species" you work for monsanto

@Siph same vibes as straight people being like “hey i don’t mind you being gay but don’t hit on me”

i want to see linux booting up on a system with 128+ processors. show me the fucking tty output with so many fucking penguins you can't read the message saying kernel panic because of some inane bullshit.

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