Yeah uh that person y’all reported (“HomosexualsAIDS”) has been completely yeeted from the stratosphere. That kind of conduct is not on at all and obvious troll accounts or the sort of folk who actually say that shit are unwelcome here. Thanks everyone who reported that user.

@tom i think airdrop has worked with iOS devices since the start?

@Satsuma @cassolotl Hey, sorry. We had an outage last night due to disk space (again). It’s been sorted out and I’m working on more long-term fixes for resource exhaustion problems.

@rey @guinan might move to something like this for q.p!

I feel like we were one of the first to be fully transparent about blocked instances (feel free to correct if not) and I feel good about how common it is now :3

google dot com how are you supposed to deal with being told you’re likely going to be made redundant

Friends, media uploads should be working again and any federated media should start filtering through shortly. Sorry for the outage!

@byttyrs i am neither peerless nor fearless ^^; the content server ran out of space and will get a good talking to shortly, sorry for that!

@cassolotl The content server ran out of space, it’ll be fixed in a wee bit. Sorry about that!

@alexandra @sergeisilence The content server ran out of space; I’ll fix it up shortly, sorry about that


- GTA:VC's Flash FM, Emotion 98.3, and Wave 103 (which at the time was a play on a Dundee local station, Wave 102!)
- GTA:SA's K-Rose, K-DST, Radio X
- GTA:LCS' Flashback FM, Rise FM
- GTA:VCS' Wave 103 (again)
- GTA IV's The Journey
- GTA V's Non-Stop-Pop FM, Soulwax FM, FlyLo FM,

how is it that GTA's fake radio stations are so much more enjoyable to listen to than actual local radio

GTA IV: TBOGT/TLOTD's Vladivostok FM still absolutely slaps (so does the base GTA IV's Vladivostok FM as well, but i'm in the mood for EDM much more than eastern-european music)

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