@witchfynder_finder @dandelion god same. just Fuckin Love seein that icon next to those Good Posts

pol shitpost 

@tom scotland's first minister takes matters into her own hands and uses military might to achieve independence from england

@antifuchs "AAAAA" perfectly describes how I feel about my gender

@monorail i actually loved it
but maybe i loved it more for the idea of it

or, more likely, i loved it for how fucking ridiculous it was. in the same way that i love sonic '06.

@cassolotl awesome!

despite everything, it turned out to actually have been a problem with mastodon's code. it was fixed in the development branch, but the latest release didn't include that fix. i backported the fix :)

@cassolotl could you please check and let me know if the hashtag timeline is displaying properly now?

possibly the most fucked up thing is that i've been running queer.party since, seemingly, the 12th of April, 2017.

@gargron oh that happened to me, I bought an STM32 development board on ebay and it literally came in an amazon package.
however, the amazon listing was uh, more than I paid for it, so I win i guess.
since then though i have been checking amazon to make sure it isn't cheaper

fun fact, Sidekiq/Redis keeps counters of tasks processed/failed for the lifetime of the redis store, which I've been migrating in full every time any storage change happened to queer.party since its inception.
the sidekiq dashboard lets you see a graph of tasks processed and failed for up to the last 6 months, but if you edit the URL, you can input an arbitrary number of days, so i put in the number of days this instance has been running (around 1190..) and uh. growth has been wild.

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