really, really struggled to get out of bed today.

@gargron just fyi you may want to amend cause twitter does have an image description feature, that's the one thing it's taken from mastodon so far

@tom i now know how the alarmed person in that "what do you have" "a knife" "no!!!" picture felt

@lynnesbian i have the same problem on my ps4 to be fair. i have approximately three games installed on the fucking thing, and every time i have the urge to do taxi missions in gta V i have to uninstall something else first (and i really do only play GTA V for the taxi missions)

ameeeeeeeeeeeew! ameeeeeew

i wanted to do an awoo and this is the closest i can do :3

@andrew nice :3 this is an actual PCMCIA card for an old 1999 laptop I got from work :D

@Siphonay i maintain that HP did docking stations best with their ultraslim dock; the port is on the side rather than on bottom, so you put the laptop down on the alignment things on the dock and -then- slot in the docking port. they had their own problems but they were a hell of a lot better than this nightmare now where my laptop has a thunderbolt dock and it doesn't even reliably charge from the fucking thing

@Siphonay yeah work provided me with a dell laptop bag and it's really good

@SuricrasiaOnline i think i've known one woman professionally who showed any emotional "weakness" (i don't feel right describing it like that) and it was my coworker at my last job after we'd been working together for three years in a really close-knit team

@andrew oh I bought a PCMCIA smartcard reader-writer the other day :333

@FirstProgenitor @CoronaCoreanici i wanted to run a peertube instance but holy shit i’m glad i didn’t

not because the software is bad or anything, but because of the storage requirements + server load

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