it's 2019 and applications will still ask you to manually download and install the latest version when they know there's an update out

the mikrotik routeros license is stored in the balls

hate how it takes me like four hours after waking up before my brain allows me to do things like "Think"

@Siphonay @colon_three @cozykaffe i'm continually on the verge of bankruptcy in ets2 so i do have to care
it is real bullshit that i'll be driving along at 55mph and then the speed limit changes to 50mph and before Microsoft Sam announces to me that i am driving above the displayed speed limit, i have already been fined for speeding

@cozykaffe my favourite is when ur indicating to go right and then u do go right and a car that was stopped in the opposite direction decides to go ahead and start Driving, going directly into the side of you, damaging your truck and cargo and making a £350 dent in your bank balance

@colon_three @tom @fillertrack i had no idea commodore-64 was even on the fediverse, let alone that they were, secretly, Tom of Slime Dot Global

@cozykaffe i want to say i would tell them i’m not happy but i know in my heart of hearts i’m too socially awkward to say anything

@cozykaffe i feel this tbh. i got a commission from Kanel and at the time i felt it was waaay too feminine but i still loved it a lot

now im enby and. hoo boy, now i like how feminine it is.

:excel: Bad Post :excel: 

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