Humble Bundle just went live with an Australia Fire Relief Bundle.

All the proceeds goes to 3 different charities (you can choose how much to which).

Check it out here:

#HumbleBundle #AustraliaFires

(this is a partnered link, but money only goes to charity from what I can tell, and I wholly support there.) is about to go down fire updates! see you soon!

FYI friends, will be going down for some backend updates in a little bit!

@tom Hohoho no, I said steamed hams! that's what I call hamburgers!

superintendent, i hope you're ready for mouthwatering hamburgers

hey fediverse, i need some help here.

looking for information on the !/#PocketZip USB dock accessory for the Clik! PCMCIA card drive - specifically on how it works or whether alternatives to it exist

also looking for information on the USB interface for the Iomega media player, because it seems to use a proprietary port (the manual refers to it as "Iomega mini USB", but I can't find any other information on it & am afraid to poke about inside the unit

boosts appreciated 💜

cursed idea for gendered bathroom signs 

@apow can i ask u why u posted this & what mental process lead u to believe it was ok to post this

@ticky oh i have! i just said "the protagonist" because it's been a while and i've absolutely forgotten his name

@hyperlink hey i'm purple and occasionally huge
it's good to be

tech, smartphone, infosec - Cosmo Communicator (+) 

@ticky i was sold on the Yakuza series entirely after seeing a video where the protagonist watches an old woman fall in the street very dramatically, records it on his mobile phone and says "that's rad!" before the game informs the player that the protagonist has learned a new fighting move because of this

tech, smartphone, infosec - Cosmo Communicator (+) 

okay it's childish gambino homegirl drop it like it's hot, drop it like it's hot, drop it like the NASDAQ

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