@colon_three it’s on my plex (once the internet and my NAS are back on) assuming you mean this album

bad drawings of my fursona 

@Mattie hey that’s not bad!

my apologies to basically every instance that queer.party federates with for the current flood

@elilla @austenitic it should be sorted shortly - my apologies for not sorting it out sooner

@Hayling there was in fact a problem! it's fixed now, q.p is catching up and all should be well soon.

@wolfie @anonny125 there was in fact something up, i've sorted it out and q.p is catching up now

queer.party might be slow and/or noisy for an as of yet indeterminate amount of time while it works through a huge backlog of queued tasks that somehow just..weren't being processed. this likely is why some folk have been having issues the past day or two - sorry about that.

Yo real talk


people who willingly just close their fucking ears and just go "I wanna be a cute gay online and not talk about race uwu"

piss me off so much

@tom god that takes me back. having to prop my old phone up a specific way against my window so that it got One Single Bar of UMTS service, then using it as a bluetooth modem because at the time, my mobile network somehow didn't do data accounting on dial-in connections, and it was my only way of getting online.


careful! it's that day again! the one where they can see us! don't do the crimes!!

:bi_heart:​ happy bi visibility day, everyone! :bi_heart:

when a very cool person on mastodon posts something and you make a similar post in response

why is it that i have "woah i'm in space cuba" stuck in my goddamn head

watching Bones and they talk about like. myspace and shit.

i feel ancient.

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