good i literally never gave a shit about periscope and have always believed it should have died instead of vine

@goat love the shitshow that is the "free" "node" "irc" "network" now that andrew freenode has executed the coup

weird multi sketch 

@kobi_lacroix furry art through the filter of google deepdream?

still thinking about that time in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory where Veruca Salt’s dad proclaims that he is a magician, then opens the window of his office and shouts avada kedavra into the factory floor

this would normally not bother me but i was trying to actually Get Stuff Done for once in my god damn bitch of a life

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i was about to Post about pypi being down but apparently a portion of the whole god damn inter net is down

it struck me the other day that it wasn't a surprise i thought i was cis when i was in university

i couldn't even admit to myself that i liked dubstep, how could i possibly acknowledge that being a skirt fiend might mean something about my gender

I like the idea that gordon freeman went to work fucking high out of his mind during the events of half life 1

Investigative reporting on Telegram channels finds that yes, the 'no kink at pride' debate is being used as a wedge by the right.

The colour work can be a bit inconsistent in this game, probably because after all this time and veering between painted and photorealistic styles and that but when it's right, it's as right as can be.

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found out today that google have even discontinued the whole 20% project thing

y’know, the thing that gmail was a result of.

i’m pretty sure google would discontinue oxygen if they could.

@dvl it's probably up to interpretation as to whether it's ((us all) (your money)) or ((us) (all your money))

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