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folks i beg of you please tag your nsfw posts as sensitive content and use content warnings (don’t just put nsfw language describing your post in the content warning!)

what i'm overwhelmed by, spiceworks, is marketing communications.

@maxine it's a script I wrote to manage upgrades to Mastodon through docker, yeah

"updates are about to happen", i say, not realising that just because the database backup is done does not mean that the rest of the backup will take less time.

friends, will be down shortly for a minute or two to install platform updates, be back soon!

@CaptainDadBeard It's by design - Tor endpoints are blacklisted in the firewall because that's always been the biggest source of unfriendly traffic in all the services I've ran in the past

@alyxgalaxy stating nsfw in the CW, but also clicking the sensitive media button when uploading media (see very poorly edited screenshot attached)

i started another VM on the hypervisor and the 33gb VM dropped to 28gb

hyper-v what are you on today

google dot com why did this VM drop from 22gb ram in use, to 20gb, and then balloon to 33gb

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