@renatolond exactly that! i’ll take a gander at the github :3

@renatolond is it possible for the crossposter to optionally strip out words that are matched for crossposting? thanks for making such a nice-to-use crossposter! (also thanks for making the metrics for it publicly available - i'm a bit of a data geek)

@Joshywooful god that's adorable :3

also how come your avatar's just black? :o

@SwooshyCueb yeah, so far i'm thinking just my own posts and threads on :birdsite: will come across to mastodon, and only my public posts (not threads) which have a keyword will go over to twitter

let's see if this mastodon-twitter crossposter is Cool (it certainly seems Cool)

@austenitic didn't mean to come across anything other than helpful/curious, sorry :<

@austenitic a PS2->USB adaptor should still have worked o.o
USB->PS2 adaptors are more sketchy 'cause it depends on whether the keyboard/mouse supports operating in PS/2 mode when used with a passive converter, but PS2->USB is always active as far as I can tell. windows 10 even still has support for native PS/2

"Windows XP is the last Windows OS to support a game port" :blobsad:

@garbados at one point i was at a security conference and the very last talk was 50% tech and 50% talking about how utterly shit folk in tech get treated at times and how we need to unionise

waiting for Shit to Occur with something i'm doing at work and somehow my brain went "hey how does PS2<>USB work" and now i'm just down a rabbit hole of wikipedia pages yet again

might fuck around and deploy a pixelfed instance later to own the hets

i realise that the percentage doesn't match the number of packages to install because each package's percentage is weighted but it still looks wrong

installing.. 33% (installing package 93 of 101)

the juxtaposition of the same old pixel graphics and fancy modern lighting/water/shading/etc effects makes for a very bizarre look. it's like if someone took the original mario bros and left everything as-is except now it has the havok or nvidia physx physics engine

i was going to say "if microsoft excel had anisotropic filtering" but eve online already exists

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