sometimes i listen to episodes of that i’ve already heard just because i love the amount of bass in their voices (particularly Roz’s). it’s a very good auditory aesthetic or whatever the fuck the audio version of aesthetic might be. also listen to it, it’s a good podcast

URGENT: meta, defederation, kiwifarms 

@millenomi @TheGibson @gargron @noiob @chr yep, they’ve been banned from q.p for at least a year

URGENT: meta, defederation, kiwifarms 

@millenomi @TheGibson @gargron @noiob @chr as far as I recall, all KF domains have been completely banned since there was first word of them trying to get on the fediverse, but i’ll double-check and ban if not

honestly mouse input for iPadOS is really great but why is the scroll input so unpredictable? sometimes it'll scroll incredibly slowly, sometimes it'll go blazing fast and i'll scroll several screens worth in a nanosecond

i’ve been using Palm OS a lot lately and frankly i’ve formed the same opinions about it that i have about Symbian S60: actually really good, and died too soon.
though at least Palm OS died so that the true best mobile OS could emerge: webOS

*does a clean* :Pc

must be a clean kitn for the shiny new year!!

as of yesterday evening, i’m officially unemployed, because for the second consecutive time, my role was made redundant. super great that it happened to be right before christmas! when it seems like the job market is pretty bad!!

i uh, idk. is it at this point that i can mention the tip jar without feeling bad about it? any donation while i’m job hunting helps ;-;

@cairobraga @wolfie there’s a backlog due to some account deletions that were queued up.. apparently they’re still slow! x.x

we regret to inform you that account deletion is still very slow

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@wxcafe i used to enjoy his books (albeit years and years ago, before i had actual practical experience in stuff)

personally the change i'm most excited about is that account deletions are more efficient server-side, because up until now, they were the one database task that routinely took more than an hour to complete and it fuckign sucked.

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folks, is now running mastodon 3.3.0! this brings with it the following changes:
- audio/video can now pop-out if you want
- you can import/export bookmarks
- you can now choose to be notified when someone toots
- you can now use a security key as a second authentication factor
- your experience will be slightly more responsive, more bug-free, and use resources more efficiently on the server-side
- other changes, this ain't an exhaustive list. see

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