hey did you know if you select something in mspaint and then hold shift before clicking and dragging the selection, you can pretend you're using internet explorer on windows xp

reading something tangental to a link shared on the LGBT group at work and uh, the first proposed gender-neutral pronoun was from a scottish person

when you're a sensible adult and you're on-top of your work scheduling

honestly my favourite thing about Toot! is that replies have a lovely transit map-style thread indicators

number 5 may win purely on this person's shirt in the product photos alone

me: change which interfaces u listen on
opnsense: are u sure?? u could lock urself out and that wouldn't be good
me: [clicks "I understand, I know what I'm doing"]
opnsense: [connection timed out]

when you flush the sidekiq retries and dead lists, you get some pretty interesting "mountain" art on the dashboard

fingers crossed that's the end of it! CDN should now be moved over and things should be happy now!

it does this whenever i have notifications and i've been online for so fucking long it genuinely looked like a shitpost at first

the server move allowed me to set up more in-depth monitoring of the load-balancers so now i nearly shit myself every time i look at the graphs after suspending a spam account

hp the server literally hasn't even issued a POST code yet

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