bought the dog bowl set so villagers can come over and say they didn't know i had a dog, so i can reply "I don't" :3~

when the mayor informs me that the town is now called something very profane

thanks to!

haha what if we were fuckin small 😳 like one inch tall 😳 and we kissed 😚 on the occult minidisc 💽...
haha just kidding.........

making a joke and then immediately hating what i’m joking about because of the association my joke has created

i went on "youtooz" cause i was interested in the Call Me Kevin figures, and this is on the fucking homepage

what's the deal with shodan's silly 3D globe thing trying to call into some javascript bullshit that i guess it expects to be running on my computer

hands- and paws-down the very best feature in Office 365 is the one where you give it a period during which you'll need automatic replies, and it cancels all your fuckign meetings for that duration rather than you having to do it manually

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