lmao @BetaNews@twitter.com out here calling the looming environmental crisis "woke"

like i didn't become an expert in that already by virtue of growing up queer

googled "open source mac dock replacement" and the first result was a r*ddit thread looking for exactly my needs.
top comment: bro mac os is just ~different~ go back to windows if you can't adapt :}
OP: I don't have that choice
negative three karma.

if you ever talk to me on telegram then i’m sorry but i am in fact always like this (unwillingly guest starring @konstidog@twitter.com)

if you ever talk to me on telegram then i’m sorry but i am in fact always like this (unwillingly guest starring @konstidog@twitter.com)

huh. i’m sure it’s completely fine and normal to notify about an outage and then it’s resolved within a minute, this definitely isn’t a harbinger of future incidents. (this is the switch that queer.party is connected to.)

i sure do love getting weird spam emails from mailing lists i never signed up to, to the email address i use for kickstarter. did KS themselves break GDPR and sell my email address or was it one of the projects i’ve backed, i wonder?

my beautiful little baby,,,,,,,,, my @playdate@twitter.com is finally here 💜

ah i see twitter is just giving me the brain version of muscle confusion

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hey twitter what the fuck does 1M mean as a relative time
i just tweeted this, what measure of time could this mean

started up a game i downloaded from macintosh garden and it seems to have gotten the impression that i’m @foone@twitter.com and has just given me its character set immediately

extremely grateful to newsblur's intelligence trainer thing for allowing me to filter out all the shite that news sources invariably fucking post

automattic i can understand because wordpress is, y’know, one of the most installed web applications, but what exactly is twitter’s aim here, when they do as much as possible to ensure you use their website and their app to do anything

at first i didn’t see the “replying to” bit and i was so fucking confused.

faced with the reality that i will always switch to the latest tweets timeline, twitter has taken to simply lying about the timeline it’s presenting me as if i won’t fucking notice

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