when a very cool person on mastodon posts something and you make a similar post in response

hey @Patreon@twitter.com quit snooping my clipboard every time i open the app

trying out @rhodecode@twitter.com, and had to sign up in order to get the open-source copy. requires email verification, the default method tries to get you to subscribe to their mailing list, isn't made clear you can verify without subscribing. pretty sure this isn't compliant with the GDPR

loving the new audio player in mastodon (thank u @dandelion for providing the best possible way for me to discover the new mastodon audio player)


okay i like this website game thing purely for the ridiculous names

"and other funny jokes you can tell yourself"


fun fact, Sidekiq/Redis keeps counters of tasks processed/failed for the lifetime of the redis store, which I've been migrating in full every time any storage change happened to queer.party since its inception.
the sidekiq dashboard lets you see a graph of tasks processed and failed for up to the last 6 months, but if you edit the URL, you can input an arbitrary number of days, so i put in the number of days this instance has been running (around 1190..) and uh. growth has been wild.

@jay hey is the SSL for gamestop.store goobered or is it something on my end

meetup dot com, where you can be encouraged to (checks notes) ensure the continued spread of covid-19 :xp:

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