fun fact, Sidekiq/Redis keeps counters of tasks processed/failed for the lifetime of the redis store, which I've been migrating in full every time any storage change happened to since its inception.
the sidekiq dashboard lets you see a graph of tasks processed and failed for up to the last 6 months, but if you edit the URL, you can input an arbitrary number of days, so i put in the number of days this instance has been running (around 1190..) and uh. growth has been wild.

@jay hey is the SSL for goobered or is it something on my end

meetup dot com, where you can be encouraged to (checks notes) ensure the continued spread of covid-19 :xp:

i :a_wide: :l_wide: :w_wide: :a_wide: :y_wide: :s_wide: make sure to click the bell notification icon after subscribing to a youtuber!

oh huh, sublime text 2 runs on windows 98 without issue, so long as you trick the installer using KernelEx

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hey how about honouring the GDPR? I’ve opted out several times, over several months.

i did the thing everyone is doing and i hate that there are brands in it

at least most of the people are furries. that’s great & is what i wanted. shame about the brands though.

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