my favourite thing about visiting a Web Site is how many fucking popups i get, both on the webpage and directly from my browser

despite being only 1080p however, my copy of Bee Movie is 4.4GB in size.

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trying to find some mechanism for doing secure NTP (NTS/NTPsec) clock sync on Windows (apparently it flat out hasn't been considered before??) and inadvertently came across this immensely cursed website that apparently was last updated in 2012

my parents picked up a tub of “Netflix Nailed It Ben & Jerry’s Chip Happy Limited Botch” ice cream for me, so i guess let’s see what netflix edition chocolate ice cream with salt and vinegar crisps is like?

that thumbnail sure is something. i never realised it was 90s 3D pogchamp.

when a very cool person on mastodon posts something and you make a similar post in response

hey quit snooping my clipboard every time i open the app

trying out, and had to sign up in order to get the open-source copy. requires email verification, the default method tries to get you to subscribe to their mailing list, isn't made clear you can verify without subscribing. pretty sure this isn't compliant with the GDPR

loving the new audio player in mastodon (thank u @dandelion for providing the best possible way for me to discover the new mastodon audio player)


okay i like this website game thing purely for the ridiculous names

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