hp the server literally hasn't even issued a POST code yet

folks, content should now be working as normal again; have a photo of my dog as apologies.

y’all ate up a 320gb disk image!

i really love when grafana just doesn't understand what a graph actually looks like

google chrome, famous for its ram consumption: 21 processes, 950mb somehow
microsofte edge, which i actually use normally: 31 processes, 1.4gb
microsofte teams, primary competitor to slack: 4 processes, 314mb
slack, the "hold my beer" of software: consumer of memory and destroyer of computer performance, 1.75gb and 13 processes.

i absolutely love slack. my favourite feature of slack is how if you open it, it immediately spawns 13 processes and consumes 1.8gb of ram.

what i'm overwhelmed by, spiceworks, is marketing communications.

ah that would explain why dell lifecycle controller was having issues downloading firmware updates

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