friends, I got this response back from the dataset's author regarding removal of information from it (cc @Siphonay):

by the way i invite you to enjoy my utterly cursed "welcome email" template which is sent to anyone with an extension on my personal phone system

i finally got a USB interface Zip drive today and i can proudly say that the iPad Pro supports it.

@gargron just fyi you may want to amend cause twitter does have an image description feature, that's the one thing it's taken from mastodon so far

just bin all computers tbh
(this screen recording was taken a minute before the battery level suddenly dropped to 5%)

if you thought there was any Fucking doubt that i was fully on my real bullshit, here are some photographs

it’s real Gamers hours please dial into my BBS if u up

had a bit of downtime at work today waiting for stuff, one of those things i was waiting for was michaelsoft windows.
i opened mspaint, of course.

honestly this was such a simple effect to implement but it looks -so nice-

getting close to publishing my software, folk's.

did you know that:
- WISE InstallMaster can be freely downloaded from WinWorldPC
- WISE has a function right there in the preferences for artificially slowing down the install process
- i have enabled this functionality for aesthetic reasons

i am the single biggest reason not to make software free or open-source, because this is what happens when i get my paws on it.

cool how the temperature sensor near my TV can show the time during which my TV was on

all i want to do is add a dumb little icon is that really too much to ask,

love too produce fluent user interface's in michaelsoft xaml documents

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