@maffsie Ha, I've got that too. :D Extremely slow implementation of Mastodon's good features continues?

@maffsie Update: the term to google is "Twitter Circle", if anyone needs that? Apparently we have the feature but no way to actually edit the Circle people yet.

@cassolotl @maffsie no it's better than any of Mastodon's post security levels, it's more like Livejournal's custom security levels where you pick a limited audience for some posts (though you can't yet have multiple circles which would be excellent)

@wolfie @maffsie OHHHH yes that does sound way better, I remember back when I first joined I was like "there should be a mutuals privacy setting, anyone can follow me and see my private posts", and other people were saying similar things, but Gargron was like "nahhhhhh" and now Twitter has that but better, it sounds like? I wonder if it will stick or if it'll go to fleetsville...?

@cassolotl @maffsie yeah I hate that I have to be locked if I want to control who can see my followers only posts rather than controlling who sees certain posts

Oh also I have circles on twitter and I tested it out with the twitter>mastodon crossposter and it posts circles-locked posts to mastodon at your default security level which is not ideal 😅

@wolfie @maffsie Ohhhh nooooo you're right that is not ideal! CC @crossposter @renatolond :D

Also @ Wolfie, how do you edit your Circle on Twitter, can you show me a screenshot? I cannot work out how to do it!

@wolfie @maffsie Ah I don't have that! Maybe it's because my account (the one I apparently have Circles on) is locked so it's effectively a circle anyway? Weird that they're showing the UI on locked accounts but okay. 🤔

@maffsie so you can have Twitter circles now and only tweet to them but it's not rolled out to everyone yet

A circle is basically a list of 150 trusted accounts that you pick yourself

I honestly think it's a decent feature and I can't wait to get it myself

@maffsie if you’re part of a Community on Twitter, it’ll be added to that list. Additionally some people have a “My circle” option, which I do not yet have - presumably similar to posting followers-only, but even closer-knit.
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