“the open source NVIDIA kernel driver” i think you mean “the open source wrapper around a closed source proprietary nVidia driver blob”

@maffsie come on it's better than nothing, at least nvidia users will have a better experience

@mjdxp @maffsie you don't understand.
the big userspace part will stay closed source.
all the complaints stem from desktop environments and display servers having to support the extra Nvidia crap instead of using Kernel Mode Setting, DRM and Mesa.

@mjdxp @maffsie they also say it's only validated for datacentre workloads. so why do you think they are doing this?
surely not because their customers move away from Nvidia for their hyperscaler deployments and almost all of their competitors have mainlined drivers...

@maffsie mhm. and it's not even the same driver as the proprietary one. you can "choose" which kernel driver you want.
oh yeah and those nouveau people can just keep work on their project.

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