friends, has been updated to Mastodon 3.5.2. This brings:
- Better wording surrounding direct messages
- Multiple bug fixes and administrative improvements's specific build of Mastodon now also includes:
- A message when registering which is not localised, which begs you to please write an actual reason when signing up and to write it in english

Pinafore, available at, has been updated to 2.2.0 and now works a bit better on large screens.


As a reminder, when was updated to Mastodon 3.5.1, new functionality was introduced allowing you to write toots up to 2500 characters long, when using a content warning. This allows you to write more long-form content as you desire :3

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@maffsie thanks for taking great care of us and our corner of the fediverse, Maffsie!

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