google dot com how do i function like a person on planet earth when all i wanna do is do extremely anachronistic shit with old hardware


speaking of, why does everyone on the internet talk about TLS1.2 on mac os 9 like it's just not achievable

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i'm going to port openssl or something to mac os 9 and then i'm going to release the first application for mac os 9 that supports tls1.3 and it's gonna be a really shitty mastodon client

yeah the system libraries don't know about it but does that matter? in a world of raw sockets does an application actually need to use the system libraries? mozilla has nss for that entire reason rustls too

should be doable if you can get it to compile (maybe a big if? dunno how old the available compilers will be)

@maffsie I have an orange clamshell Macbook with os 9 and if you do this I'll use it and share photos of it running!!

@lilu_stardance I have an iBook G3 SE and a PowerBook G3 Pismo, both with OS9 on them, but thank you ^^

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