folks, has been upgraded to Mastodon 3.4.4.
With this, Postgres 9.6 was end-of-life and needed upgraded, so we are now also upgraded to Postgres 14.

the database upgrade is why has been down since like 1PM GMT, because the database stuff took literally like seven hours to finish

i knew there was a reason i didn't like postgres. why the fuck can't it be as simple as mysqlupgrade, where you don't need a copy of the previous version's binaries to upgrade.

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@maffsie FWIW, every time I do a Postgres upgrade, I use pg_dumpall > backup.db from the old version first before starting the upgrade, then just re-import it using psql into the new DB 'fresh'.

(yes, you need the old binaries, technically, but it's pretty straightforward I hope? ❤️ )

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@kithop that's exactly what i did x3

it just took a very long time to finish

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