happy pride month everyone, don’t forget:
• corporations see pride purely as a marketing event
• the first pride was a riot
• cops do not belong at pride
• be gay
• do crimes
• trans people are real, fuck you
• cis/het folk can support pride by giving us all your money

@maffsie If there are no cops at Pride, whom do we throw things at?

@melivia shit, you're right.

addendum: cops belong against the wall at pride

@not_on_pizza But then we’d have to leave Pride in order to find them. Doesn’t sound very convenient.

> What do people think about Pride Month?
straight people: Redesign your logo
queer people: Give us all your money

@maffsie @tomasekeli Here's all my money👐🏻💰💰Please forgive me🙇‍♂️

@vega @maffsie not gay, but i can happily take all you money - thanks :)

@dvl it's probably up to interpretation as to whether it's ((us all) (your money)) or ((us) (all your money))

Cops can be gay, trans, ... as well, so in my opinion they can of course join the pride (as private persons) if they really support it.

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