folks, is now running mastodon 3.3.0! this brings with it the following changes:
- audio/video can now pop-out if you want
- you can import/export bookmarks
- you can now choose to be notified when someone toots
- you can now use a security key as a second authentication factor
- your experience will be slightly more responsive, more bug-free, and use resources more efficiently on the server-side
- other changes, this ain't an exhaustive list. see

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personally the change i'm most excited about is that account deletions are more efficient server-side, because up until now, they were the one database task that routinely took more than an hour to complete and it fuckign sucked.

we regret to inform you that account deletion is still very slow

@maffsie hmm the home timeline seems to have stopped updating

@cairobraga @wolfie there’s a backlog due to some account deletions that were queued up.. apparently they’re still slow! x.x

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