friends, today’s federation issues on should (hopefully?) be resolved (soon?)

once i’m certain it’s resolved i’ll post a root cause analysis because it’s annoying

going by the slowly increasing amount of federated posts suddenly appearing where there was previously at best a trickle, the issue is in fact resolved.

@maffsie hmm I'm getting lots of boosted posts but they were all originally 7th and 8th october

@wolfie i got those too and the problem is i don't know if they were boosted sooner than that; the date in your timeline is the original post date, not the date at which it was boosted

@maffsie yeah though I've checked directly on the pages of my mutuals who've apparently boosted those posts and can't see any of those boosts in the past 12-24 hours, and it feels a bit weird that so many people suddenly boosted posts of the same date 2 months ago

@wolfie that’s..super weird. I did flush a bunch of queued jobs that were marked “dead” but it would surprise me if that’s where all the boosts came from. That being said, I have absolutely no other explanation for suddenly getting boosts from months ago. @,@

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