going to fucking scream if i download another torrent to find that
- the torrent's creator has put each file into its own individual rar file
- the rar files have been split into like 20+ parts
- the file contained within the rar file in fact did not benefit from compression in any way

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yes i'm going to complain about something i downloaded for free. just because i didn't pay to download it doesn't mean you get a pass for your stupid fucking decisions >:(

@maffsie This is likely something directly ripped from newsgroups with a per-post size limit, and meant to maintain compatibility if you only have a partial download from there. Newsgroups first, torrent second.

@kithop i see; i've never used a newsgroup service so to me it just seemed like the uploader was a major asshole, i guess that makes sense then

@maffsie the rar thing really gets on my nerves

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