tomorrow i'll be trying out Captcheck as an alternative to hCaptcha, since i'm getting growing complaints that hCaptcha isn't working for legitimate registrations (while i'm still seeing some spammy registrations)

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@maffsie re. hCaptcha: for some reason it didn't work for me either occasionally, so I dug down and patched it myself. Seems to work fine now

@nilsding aha, that makes sense. i assumed the problem was on my end so i'm glad to see it's actually something in the upstream gem.
i'm still thinking of switching to captcheck, just because it's self-hosted and feels like it might be better accessibility-wise

@maffsie yeah I noticed that a while back on Retrospring ^^

@maffsie @nilsding I recommend checking out friendlycaptcha since it is open source and doesn't hassle the users!

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