my parents picked up a tub of “Netflix Nailed It Ben & Jerry’s Chip Happy Limited Botch” ice cream for me, so i guess let’s see what netflix edition chocolate ice cream with salt and vinegar crisps is like?


update: it’s a strange mix of sweet and savoury that i’m not quite used to, but it’s quite nice

having now finished the tub, it was quite nice actually.

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@maffsie But the important question is "Does it taste better than a Tayto bar?"

@maffsie Do enjoy (this is after he had Tabasco chocolate and Vegimite chocolate.)

@catoxis huh. i mean i love tayto crisps, and after this ice cream i’m not sure i would rule out tayto chocolate, but jeez.

@maffsie I can only think of one vinegar that belongs anywhere close to ice cream, and that's balsamic.

Granted, we'll never get that style down here, so I'll take your word for it~ XD

@catoxis @maffsie I had a great strawberry balsamic ice cream from Salt and Straw back when you could go places and buy things.

@maffsie @catoxis That reminds me of the Jimmy Fallon Late Night Snack from B&J. It was the best flavor. I miss it.

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