lewd words used non-lewdly 

the most cursed thing about mastodon's trending hashtags thing is it emails me every single time a new hashtag is trending and asks me to approve it (better than just approving automatically because that shit would show up for everyone)
here is a list of hashtags that i've been notified about lately:
- anal
- gameing
- ffxiv
- pussy
- sexy
- freepalestine
- ass
- infosec
- pinephone
- BigBoyRootVegetableSeason
- WaterDrinkers

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lewd words used non-lewdly 

there's really nothing weirder than lying in bed watching a youtube video and your email pops up like "new hashtag up for review (anal)"

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@maffsie Oh oh why can't I see trending hashtags? I would really like to be able to see them, but I've never been able to. Is it a setting somewhere?

@maffsie Update, I've found the setting, the box was already checked! Where are the trending hashtags meant to be? :S

@cassolotl @maffsie for me they're just under all the other stuff in the getting started column

@wolfie @maffsie Argh, I don't see them. :( Why is that? Is it because my browser window is too short? (Why would that be a thing, I hope they don't make the trending hashtags disappear when your browser is too short even though the column is scrollable!)

@cassolotl @maffsie oh wow yeah that would suck if they haven't tested non-massive screens. Mine looks like this

@cassolotl @wolfie They..definitely should be on the right-hand side at the bottom. I'll see if I can reproduce it on my end

@cassolotl @wolfie update: the trending stuff does literally just disappear when the display height is not tall enough. why.

@maffsie @wolfie Jesus I knew it would be something like that. -___- I am opening a Github issue like Now.

@wolfie @cassolotl ..and it was marked a duplicate of an issue from August '19. I'll comment on it and see if I can get it worked out

@maffsie @wolfie Ahh thank you for the detective work! I'll close mine as a duplicate. :D I really hope this can be fixed easily, I would love to join in with some nice hashtags.

lewd words used non-lewdly 

@maffsie i'm really curious about BigBoyRootVegetableSeason

lewd words used non-lewdly 

@maffsie I know about ass aka Advanced Substation Alpha. but when i anal non-lewd

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