Friends, has defederated with in response to the.. incredible shittiness that's come to light:

This unfortunately impacts just shy of 400 members who were following users on - the result of the domain suspension is that you will no longer be following those people.
I hope this is a good response, it's taken me a bit to work out how best to proceed; the information linked above cannot be ignored or excused.

lb: we will also be de-federating with tomorrow, sorry for the inconvenience but we don't need that kinda behaviour here, I also urge w.l users to... leave

@maffsie The information linked above is also from secondhand sources, with no records or evidence. It might be wise to look at the posts from her instance directly before deciding that they are posting racist propaganda with the instance's approval. If you already have, then it's not my business; I just wanted to point out a few red flags in this er... witch hunt, that you might not have yet considered.

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