friends! now has a CAPTCHA system in place for user sign-ups, which will hopefully stem the flow of spammy registrations. If all is looking good with it, I'll be lifting the manual approval requirement for registrations in a few days!


big thanks to @Siphonay whose patch for glitch-social was the basis for this change. The git repo for's Mastodon build has a patch file for this change which applies to the vanilla Mastodon v3.1.3 codebase:

since yesterday there's been three registrations to and they were all legitimate, holy shit

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haven't been able to use the "approve all" button in ages

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@maffsie @Siphonay please be aware that while functional the commit will be improved over time, keep an eye on the glitch-soc pull request

@Siphonay oh absolutely, it's definitely something i'll keep an eye on cause it will need to be matured, i'm just utterly tired of having more than 400 emails in my inbox which are all "some fucking cretin with a stupid domain name registered to sell fake pills again"

@maffsie I’d be happy to hear your feedback, it’s been working pretty well for me so far

@Siphonay ditto, it' seems to be working well here too, and i dig that hcaptcha themselves actually seem to care about privacy.

@Siphonay @maffsie I would love to have something like this for because spam signups have been going crazy.

@david @Siphonay you too? i've been getting upwards of 100 a day of blank registrations with random domains registered under daft TLDs, on top of the usual HTML comment spam shilling "penicillin in alberta" or "top berlin viagra shops"

@maffsie @Siphonay Yep, exactly that.

Since implementing manual approval I've been getting lots of those, but none of the Vietnamese gambling sites that I used to get

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