using NoScript has really opened my eyes to how fucking garbage the modern web is.

something that should just be a static site with information about a UI framework? page is entirely blank unless i allow the domain in noscript.

shit like Mastodon, Pinafore and the likes, yeah i can understand those requiring javascript, because they are interactive applications.
a static site for hosting information about your bootstrap alternative? not okay.

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@maffsie At least mastodon also has the excuse of having to get information in real time.

So it just requires javascript to function, because all other methods are very inconvenient.

I don't like the current trend either, honestly.

@maxine yeah, for real.
my own personal website does have javascript, but only for easy syntax highlighting in code blocks, and when javascript is unavailable it falls back gracefully to un-flavoured code blocks. other than that, everything is exactly the same.

@maffsie That's also how things should work.

Javascript for fancy. If no JS available, then fall back gracefully.

It's how I try to do things too.

@maxine @maffsie I would say that not even Mastodon *absolutely* needs JS. Everything could probably be done with GET requests (for the timelines and viewing posts) and POST request forms (for posting, boosting and replying).

@LunaDragofelis @maffsie Yes, it could be done that way.

It would be very inconvenient.
But it is possible.

@maxine @maffsie I'd even say that CSS wouldn't be neccessary, if mobile browsers wouldn't default to desktop mode (lots of uncomfortable horizontal scrolling, or tiny text) on unstyled pages.

Also user-side CSS should be a thing


Javascript adds gravy to a web site.

Modern web sites are all gravy, no potatoes. :flan_eyes_narrowed:

@mwlucas @maffsie Ofttimes there potatoes there; the chef just hides them under another plate until you accept the gravy, or bundles the potatoes with the gravy in a way so that they're inherently mixed.

@maffsie it's actually especially bad because it does make websites heavier and more of a pain to load in low-bandwidth zones (and that's not even talking about advertisement). having done webdev I do absolutely adore the designs and look you can get from using JS to make the website animated and all, but seriously, with html 5 and css 3 having been a thing for a long time, and frameworks taking advantage of it to make things pretty, I don't understand why we still need full js envs.

@furkachi a lot of the lovely stuff is easy to do without JS, which is the worst part.
I miss the time when CSS Zen Garden was an important part of honing your webdev skills

@maffsie Very much so. things like bootstrap are great because they allow ease of use of making things look decent easily, but it would seem like CSS in itself has become a bane that no one wants to work with.

Though it is painful, it can be in fact very satisfying and very lightweight

I've been using NS for several years now, and I can testify that if you use it for long enough, it will permanently alter how you see the world, universe, political beliefs, etc.

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