ugh woke up to this pish about that content warnings paper, I’ll update q.p’s policies on data collection and stuff shortly.

Follow's ToS page has been updated to include explicit policies on data collection and transmission. This is a preliminary policy that may be subject to changes as people point things out that I forgot about or worded wrongly. I'm not a lawyer so please be gentle :(

the tl;dr of it is: your data is yours, mastodon doesn't collect anything more than it needs to, any data made available externally to q.p is exclusively for federation purposes.

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also i'm temporarily disabling public timeline access until i feel happy about the privacy policy

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finally, fuck those people from the university of milan.

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i doubt they'll do anything but i emailed everyone named in that paper to ask that users be completely removed from their dataset and paper.

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i've also reached out to the dataset contacts listed on both the Harvard dataverse and the "Max Planck Institute" dataverse to have q.p user data expunged. Unfortunately the copy of the dataset on the MPI dataverse hasn't been deaccessioned.. :/

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it turns out the dataset on the MPI is a different one but the same people are behind it

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friends, I got this response back from the dataset's author regarding removal of information from it (cc @Siphonay):

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@maffsie @Siphonay May I use this screenshot for my article on the scraping?

@maffsie I'm making an explicit point of asking _anyone_ I slightly refer to (except for the authors of that research paper) before adding it or publishing. :D

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