i am the single biggest reason not to make software free or open-source, because this is what happens when i get my paws on it.

@maffsie Heck! I'm super curious about your FA widgets :3 Don't suppose you've got the source for those handy somewhere?

@makyo it’s a super basic thing - i’m just adding a cookie from a logged in session of FA and then HTML scraping the message centre

it runs through Node-RED because of laziness but I can send you the flows if you want!

@maffsie Hah! That's a cool way to do it. Yeah, I'd totally be into the flows, if you're game ^^

@makyo it also runs as a telegram bot so I actually see the notifications (and I can list my notes)

will export the flows for you :3

@makyo it's one single thing that does both!

if you're using node-red then you'll need the following modules:
- node-red-contrib-influxdb (s' what i used for storing the metrics but it's easily changed)
- node-red-contrib-telegrambot

flow file is at

search it for "YOUR_" and replace with your own cookies and stuff ("CHATID" is whatever the ID# for the conversation between you and your telegram bot is)

lemme know if it works okay ^~^

@maffsie Oh awesome, thank you so much! Will dig into after work ^^

@maffsie I am unconvinced by your argument because, uh, that is totally rad

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