i just received some new-fangled "cryptographic currency" coins how do i turn them into real money

@maffsie that's beyond the withdrawal minimum on Kraken so you can withdraw it to a bank account on this site

You will need to provide identity documents and bank account coordinates to do so though

@Siphonay i am already confused by this website lmao

is cryptocurrency literally just :s_wide: :t_wide: :o_wide: :n_wide: :k_wide: :s_wide:

@maffsie yeah it's pretty much speculation on intangible stuff

@Siphonay @maffsie people paying each other money for doing math homework

@maffsie tons of legal reasons, it's really hard to legally run a site like this

@maffsie @Siphonay I got them too, I would also be insterested in the answer :blobpeek:

@maffsie @Siphonay same thing. Keybase is supporting the Stellar network and therefore the cryptocurrency.

I mean, the spacedrop bot says everything you need :p

@maffsie My impression is that you gotta spend them on Minecraft

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