in order to support growth and general continuation of the service, is going to be moving to a new server. not exactly sure when cause i'm still testing to make sure nothing's gonna break.

it will happen at some point this month and in the following stages:
* load-balancer migration (w/ internal redirect back)
* database migration (w/ removing redirect in load-balancer)
* CDN migration (expected to take longest. q.p will be up during this but media will be unavailable)

folks, load-balancer migration has been done for the CDN, and will be done for the main site shortly. Note that while we're transitioning from the old to new servers, traffic might be a little slower than usual (cause internally traffic is being routed from germany to france)

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Main has now been switched to the new load-balancer

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@EvaSkeeva unsure whether to interpret this as lewd but please do feel free to gay up my servers

@maffsie well it is load balancing after all...but thanks for your efforts keeping us the best!

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