how is it that GTA's fake radio stations are so much more enjoyable to listen to than actual local radio

GTA IV: TBOGT/TLOTD's Vladivostok FM still absolutely slaps (so does the base GTA IV's Vladivostok FM as well, but i'm in the mood for EDM much more than eastern-european music)



- GTA:VC's Flash FM, Emotion 98.3, and Wave 103 (which at the time was a play on a Dundee local station, Wave 102!)
- GTA:SA's K-Rose, K-DST, Radio X
- GTA:LCS' Flashback FM, Rise FM
- GTA:VCS' Wave 103 (again)
- GTA IV's The Journey
- GTA V's Non-Stop-Pop FM, Soulwax FM, FlyLo FM,

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