brief service instability on due to the firewall sitting in front of it deciding that "renew DHCPv6 lease" meant "spam the connected network segment with DHCPv6 packets, causing the datacentre to get confused and nullroute the IP addresses associated with that interface's MAC address"

@maffsie As a software engineer, I understood 10% of that. Thanks for being capable and putting in the effort.

Btw, is there anywhere I can contribute to the bills for this server?

@maffsie Update, I read it a few more times. I understand ~40%.

@fortknoqs nop, i don't take donations or anything - i maintain q.p in my spare time and the infrastructure is paid for out of my wages from work, i wouldn't feel right taking donations

@maffsie Thank you, that is very kind. ❤️

If it changes (and I'm still on the platform) I'll be happy to contribute.

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