To be honest.

I dont have time to called needy If I want people around I will want people around. It hurts to leave but its a fresh of breath air to find new people

DMAB people and stereotypes 

DMAB people can in fact be nice people! Its a shocker to some that some us can look very masculine at times and be enby!!!!

Regarding Objectification, Learning from cis past 

Damn, lol i really thought that because people where horny they'd want my horny.

Ask because consent starts way before it actually gets sexual.

(They Them!)

wHoA Melatonin, Matcha, 

damn don't i feel relaxed right now with everything that is going on. i feel freaking great.

This hand sign and jutsu was apparently forbidden in the 1st hokage's scroll 📜. (Multi shadow clone jutsu)

Gay men bottoming 

If you're homosexual, and a man, and you haven't ever tried any form of receiving penetration, you are sus lmaoooo. i've never met a bottom who wasn't willing to try pegging lmaooooo.

im not refering to sex repulsed folk or trauma victims.

Ace vs Aro 

Lol. Its hard understanding someone on the totally opposite spectrum than me, and I guess its because I put so much of myself in others. Like I can't imagine living life without sex, but others feel like they can't live life without romance. Understandable, valid, but nonetheless confusing to me. And I think its ok to be confused while also validating those peoples needs.

Super mario galaxy 

Can someone tell me why the hell prankster comets are so hard

Bad dragon 🐉 brand new 

Gotta say this thing is pretty amazing


I forget some of yall be drinking and shit lmao 😂 that's wild. Lmao


I havent been this committed to health in a long ass time. I actually feel really nice after the first few hours

A trump death/critical condition , & the threat of Vice President Mike Pence 

He used to be the senator(the most important rep.) of my state, and states for those of you who are global, like mini countries within the US.

Gay couples seeking to be in public were being thrown out or refused service This made international news. An abortion ban threat was put on to the state, AND deregulation of local polluters.

Mike is way more intelligent and a lot more evil than trump. I'm concerned




Being non binary 

I think for the first time i feel like a real person.

Im ugly 

if nobody has came around I must be ugly/ or mentally fucking ugly. I HATE THIS SHIT.

Self harm 

Ive been having urges to stab myself alot for many reasons

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