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(just silly) 

I wonder why everything wrong happens to me

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climate, Greta Thunberg, a swear I don't usually use 

almost everything done so I can start to film my documentary :ablobcatrave:

anyone in here wanna talk? I'm lonely

I'm not hate this person but god knows how much I'm angry with her rn :bread_angry: :bread_angry: :bread_angry:

guuuys it's been almost one year i'm single and now i want to date, to get involved in a relationship. is this normal? im trully liking my life as single and this caught me out of nowhere......... :blobthinkingcool:

hi everyone, i was finishing editing my 3rd video to youtube and my bloopers are really funny :headpats:

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should i buy a mi band 4?

guys im so worried about money, i need a job plSS HELP ME

vent about a relationship with my bff 

vent about a relationship with my bff 

vent about a relationship with my bff 

really wish i have someone to talk rn :ok_figet:

like, i'll focus only on me and my projects! it's time for me me me!

I FINALLY CREATED A YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT MY 1ST VIDEO IN HERE plsss help me grow on social :dance_cool_doge:

so guuys i decided that i will no longer hookup with anyone until this year is over. why? i dont want to be exausted from use my energy on people that doesnt make a little effort to be with me or talk to me. like im getting so frustared over this past months bc im ready to have a serious relationship and people seems like not to be in the same place... anyway what y'all think? am i right making this choice?

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