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just this morning i have. almost knocked my cup off the table full of tea. swiped a dirty spoon out of the bowl and exclaimed "No" in such a disappointed way. did a yawn, swung my arms down and ALMOST knocked two pans and a pan lid onto my foot

i got so tired of "tumblr expat" discourse that i made a tumblr account and went fully the other way

this is naturally why i love life is strange and before the storm

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just from a personal standpoint there need to be more games where u hang out with girls


oatgurt is actually, quite nice

if life is strange just made me feel yearning and longing gone home just made me feel. sad

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haters claim they want to snuggle me and cuddle me, i know their true motives

us politic+trump 

according to sources trump is considering pardoning all of his "adult children"... leaving out barron 😢

<signature of Ty Coon>, 1 April 1990
Ty Coon, President of Vice

i'm thinking, finally, skinny jeans do not suit me

i really do need a full length mirror don't i

private bits 

although i do have to actually tuck in these jeans 😩

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