I am recognizing my feelings today, instead of running from them like I have been for the past two weeks. I am also wearing pink socks and my nails are glossy purple.

been away from my spouse for almost 3 weeks, which has been throwing me off balance considerably for the past week and a half. We'll be reunited in two days ...

Feeling openly pink today. Also enjoying freshly sugared arms (which I did myself!)

'tis the season for painted toes, and hot little shorts.

Getting enough sleep, eating right, going for my morning walk each day, and generally staying off my phone and news sites, and taking a pause from video games, massively contributing to my peace of mind and mental well-being. I am having unparalleled harmony with my spouse in the household.

body hair/body care 

Got my whole torso waxed, front & back, plus arms, in addition to my usual legs. I just love having my arms bare. Not quite sold on chest but loving my belly a lot more now. And not to mention the fun stuff I can give myself permission to wear now..

My spouse has been quite understanding, which is a much-welcome surprise.

Yesterday was tears and romantic songs, today there are literally butterflies and hummingbirds in my garden.

@selph_herself checking in -- I hope you are well in your corner of the world.

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Being constantly angry and outraged at the constantly terrible world events means that you have basic human empathy but it also means that you are being constantly traumatized.

Remember that you can't help others unless you help yourself first.

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On Hermaphroditos and Aphroditos, and genderqueer spirituality in ancient Greece.

Beyond The Gender Binary in Ancient Times, Part 3: patreon.com/posts/68517262

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Filling out a patient form, got a ton of great pronoun options (8 combinations total including ze) but only two gender options (m/f). I'm sensing a disconnect here, someone didn't get the memo or they were forced to exclude other nonbinary genders.

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The gender of the day is a cheerful dryad on a cruise ship.

My biggest peeve is when someone asks "Do you wanna..." which is (often) their way of getting me to do something w/out asking directly.

No, I don't want to. Do you want help with something? do you want to go somewhere? just tell me what you want and how you'd like me to be involved.

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Today's gender is gratitude and the smell of someone else doing the laundry.

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Happy Pride everyone! We're doing it again this month! The straights can try to stop me if they want!!

Went rollerblading yesterday for an hour, feeling great today and ready to face whatever (almost).

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discussing childhood trauma 

I am slowly unpacking childhood trauma from being compelled to absolutely obey everything my parents, counselors, and social workers told me to do, under threat of being sent to foster care and juvenile detention.

I didn't listen to my parents, they were no longer credible authorities after having broken the marriage. Then the state stepped in and the pressure was on.

Today this looks like me dismissing my wants because "I wont die if I dont get them" and "I wont be difficult, dont reject me."

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