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Half asleep in the streets, half awake in the sheets.

Just did something I'd been putting up for months because I couldn't be bothered.

Anyway, it was incredibly easy.

Why am I like this.

a cistern is a small bird that doesn't think about their gender

random fantasy worldbuilding musing 

(this sort of thing is perhaps why I am not especially good at dungeon-mastering ttrpgs; I get distracted by setting details like manufacturing and agriculture, and how they interact with the fantasy elements, and forget about tedious stuff like "telling a good story").

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random fantasy worldbuilding musing 

I guess going back to whittling, regardless of strength and tooling, wood is a different material to metal in that it has a grain to work with or against, which should also make a difference.

Do other hand woodworking techniques work on metal if you're ludicrously strong? E.g., can you use a pole-lathe to work metal by muscle power? (presumably the lathe would itself have to be metal).

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random fantasy worldbuilding musing 

also given that some fantasy people are ludicrously heat-resistant, it might even be plausible for them to shape molten metal by hand, giving another interesting style of crafts.

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random fantasy worldbuilding musing 

(obviously it's quite possible to make tools capable of cleanly cutting even harder metals, since that's what a lathe or milling machine uses, but that might well involve metallurgy outside of the generic mediaeval fantasy assumptions).

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random fantasy worldbuilding musing 

Given a fantasy world where tool-using beings greatly stronger than the average human (trolls, ogres, giants, etc.) exist.

Would it be possible, I wonder, for those people to make things by whittling a softer metal (brass, gold) with great strength, or would that not be possible due to tooling difficulties?

In which case it might be an interesting way of adding description for objects in a ttrpg setting, e.g., that a certain object is clearly troll-made.

Easily-unlocked bus stop advertising continues to be a gift as “No Pride in Cops” signs appear along the route of the Pride London parade

ukpol -, scottish independence 

I hope they do manage to pull it off this time, because more and more of late, it's looking like leaving this miserable country will be the right decision, and scotland looks like a convenient potential destination, if nothing else.

Sum 41 tried to warn me, but still I wasted my time and also became another casualty of society.

Music hot take 

"Making plans for Nigel" by XTC is absolutely about a closeted trans woman, and nothing can convince me otherwise.


Watching Legend of the Galactic heroes, just seen the episodes covering the Battle of Vermillion (eps 51 & 52).

I can't believe that this is about the halfway point of the series, I'm looking forward to seeing where the series goes from here.

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