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Half asleep in the streets, half awake in the sheets.

my favorite part of being trans is before you realize you are trans when you're like "god i wish i was trans. being trans would be so cool oh my god. sucks that that can't be me"


[inspirational poster voice]: Live every day like it's The Final Days.


I need to get a sign for my kitchen which says:

"Cooking more food is always better... long as it still fits in the pot"

a mantra i repeat every time someone is in my space 

six feet is WITH masks.

work and energy and trans stuff 

Put on makeup today for probably the first time in months. I feel like I don't notice how much of my energy work takes up until I finally get some time off and I finally notice all the things I didn't have the energy to do. Not looking forward to going back...

brain stuff 

I have decided that the fridge is now empty enough that it's a good time to clean it.

Obviously, I will not actually be doing that, but I now can't go shopping because I feel like I'll have missed the opportunity.

Guess I'll starve.

alc, bagpipes 

The next time I manage to get absolutely smashed off my face in the same room as a friend, we're singing Auld Lang Syne. Even if it's July or whenever.

If twenty twenty was so good, how come there's no twenty twenty two?!

the Gävle goat, human sacrifice, spoilers for the Wicker Man (the good one) 

If burning an effigy of a goat brings us prosperity next year, great!

But if that doesn't work, then next year someone will need to try setting fire to a police officer.

And if that still doesn't work, next year we'll need to set fire to a landlord.

They had to invent december because otherwise winter would have simply been too good.

As an employee it pains me to watch Sisko ask engineering for an estimate, Chief saying it’s going to take 10h and the captain replying “you have 2h” – and everybody going along with as if this is the natural state of things, or the expected heroism of the common employee, instead of the Chief saying “fuck this shit why are you asking for an estimate if it never ever seems to influence your decisions?”

The eternal struggle between the desire to get your cool artist friends to do pictures of me, versus the desire not to be depicted or perceived in any way.

Surely this must be one of the paths leading to becoming a furry.

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