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Calendula is a wonderfully designed, concise but feature rich open source app to keep track of medication intake routines and reminders.
available on F-Droid

RT i wanted to see what music was on voyager and like.... this is kind of sad.

we sent music to aliens in the 70s but we're not allowed to listen to it because "lol copyrights"

Thx to Supreme Court, Austria must now allow third gender option or no entry for folks who can plausibly assert such (leaves that to authorities, so maybe more law suits will be necessary to get it without medical docs), via reinterpretation of existing law according to Art. 8.1 ECHR.
Not as cool as in Canada, Malta etc but its really cool!! With some pressure should be a self-determined third option!

RT Article 11, the #LinkTax, has just been adopted by with a 13:12 majority. We will take this fight to plenary and still hope to overturn the plan. #SaveYourInternet #SaveTheLink

How can this party still be member of the ???
RT Fidesz started placing stickers "organisation supporting migration" 2 days ago at Today, they visited the offices of Menedék (Asylum) that provides integration services. Same building was a yellow-star house in 1944.

Currently thinking about switching my mail provider. That's not cool, Posteo! (in german)

RT Unpopular Opinions: Unpopular Opinions Edition. Lets get meta!

Yes! Yes! YES! YES! YEEEEEEEEEEEES! Alamo Drafthouse's Mueller location fucking crushed gender neutral bathrooms.

RT It’s terrifying that both of these things are true at the same time in this world:

• computers drive cars around

• the state of the art test to check that you’re not a computer is whether you can successful identify stop signs in pictures

RT I found a more readable version! let me know if you know who made this because I don't and it's G o o d . . .

I see a lot of men talking about how they wish they could wear skirts and, listen, I have really great news for you.

You can.

some of the most prolific books of our time are aimed at younger audiences but still cover mature topics and there's good reason for that

kids desire more serious topics, problems to solve, and more juicy information to learn and absorb. adults desire more imagination, fun, adventure, escapism.

combine the two and you've got something that near anyone can enjoy. general audience media is often the best from what i've seen.

RT “Not everyone supports the LGBTQ community and we need to respect their opinion.”

An opinion is whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza.

When we invalidate someone’s gender, mistreat same-sex couples or fight against inclusive policies, that’s oppression. Big difference.

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