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It says "gatekeeping social justice by vilifying those who are willing to learn isn't only totally unproductive but also reveals
to everyone that your interest in social politics is merely an act and you actually care very little about tangible solutions towards making the world a better place"


It was an semi-interactive comic series with a very enthusiastic followership. But it was like imposible to get into it when you were not a fan from the beginning.


CW meta/subtooting the entire fediverse 

Hello fediverse! This account will toot a few stories a week that are examples of solutions-focused journalism: how people are working to address inequality, prejudice, and exploitative economic systems. Want to help curate stories? Send a private message, either to this account or to @eloquence.

This account is not a bot - all stories are selected and summarized with love. :)


Did you know? There are standards on color contrast accessibility for background:foreground colors (e.g. on websites). If you look at/redesign your website, take the time to drop your background and text colors in this handy tool to see if your color choices are suitable:

Hey, nerds! I work at an alternative school in Holyoke, MA, where 31% of people live below the poverty line. I teach electronics & other technical art to mostly minority, mostly poor kids.

Can you get my students some tools & materials?

So hi! Could folks who are making jokes about Mark Zuckerberg please be aware that comparing him to a robot can be hurtful because

a) if he is autistic you are repeating the same tired old jokes about autistic people having no emotions just because you can't read our facial expressions, and

b) if he is not autistic then you are still doing that, and reminding autistic people of jokes people make about how we're evil/heartless - and at the same time you're comparing us to Mark Zuckerberg. Rude.

I lived through times where not even hard disks could store GBs of storage and can tell you from experience that we will survive this.


Nya, I won't argue about software stacks. In the end it's your project. We'll have to find out how I can help though, bc I won't learn another programming language for that either.


I'm moving forward on my podcast hosting project, slowly.

I'm threw away the wire frames I had scratched together because they were focusing on all the wrong parts, and I'm working on a clearer design doc.

I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to pay someone to build it, or build it myself.

Yeah, I would want to contribute to something like this.

But I'm opposed to buid something in php - it's a childhood trauma - I'd go for either node or rails for that. And I figured I'm not very good at frontend layouts. So there is that.


masto culture is occasionally checking your friends' bios in case their pronouns have changed since you last looked

Berlin. Bitte boosten! RT from

WOHNUNG DRINGEND GESUCHT für eine Freundin, wegen zunehmender Transfeindlichkeit in Haus&Kiez. Es geht akut um Sicherheit.
1-2 Zimmer, ~750€ warm, Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Mitte, Schöneberg, Hauptsache gut angebunden.
Gerne RT, DMs sind offen, nur ernstgemeinte Angebote.

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