Hey queer.party do you still exist in enough of a cohesive community that I can escape into you for a week or so?

I beat the best mileage on my rental car and that's all that's happening with my life

Writing spells for my Persona tabletop that give the enemy an inferiority complex: same

Escalating the inferiority complex to anxiety on an exceptional success: SAME

I'm using tarot arcana as a stand-in for classes. Originally I had all 22 major arcana, but I've condensed down to 15 and it's done wonders for making them each feel like a unique set of skills

Anyway here's the finished Velvet Room. Not entirely satisfied with it

Open RP: you're on a date with Igor from the Persona series

One more for the dungeon flair. Gonna show this before entering and exiting the dungeon to do briefings and debriefings of each run. The party's deadline for this mission is the full moon, hence the counter.

I've been working on a world map for my Persona tabletop in Roll20 and it came out looking amazing

Is there a word for that period of time when you keep using the wrong info after something changes, like writing the previous year in dates after the new year or using your old password after you change it? Cause that's my life right now

Me: That's disgusting, what do you even call that?
Java: Generics!!

Broke: 2019 Anno Domini
Woke: 5 Anno Luigi

You can lead an offshore contractor to water but you can't make them drink

Yo can everyone stop implementing webm as if it's a gif? It's a way better encoding format, just let it be its own thing

Dog hot take: they're all really good and you should pet dogs more

A venn diagram of "Librarians" with circles for "Queer" and "Old"

Update: just as I finished the training he was up and about so time for a nap I guess

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My fiancee is having a midlife crisis on the bed and I wish I knew what I could do to fix it so he'll feel better but also so I can take these training courses I have to do while lying down

GitLab's Kubernetes Executor has no standards and follows no common practices, just like everything else in the Kubernetes universe

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