Dreams, Trump 

At that point I seized the opportunity, running through the crowd and hyping everyone into chanting “Fuck Donald Trump baby, Fuck Donald Trump” until everyone was doing so, making Trump’s public humiliation complete

At which point it was revealed that this was the beginning of the inauguration ceremony, and Biden came to relieve Trump of his post

Oh, and Trump was also wearing a diaper over his suit the entire time for some reason

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Dreams, Trump 

Oh and the last dream I want to share (tho not the last I had last night) had me attending a rap concert where my middle-school classmates were rapping

One of them had the brilliant idea of having Trump come in, on stilts, in the middle of a song to deliver a guest verse

Trump, however, having no idea how to actually use stilts ended up wobbling into the stage (he had to wade through the crowd to get there), tearing down the entire thing and humiliating himself thoroughly

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Dreams, mention of police 

At that point, however, I formed a better plan: I simply shapeshifted into a demon and ate her.


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Dreams, mention of police, drugs (cannabis) 

As one of the officers led me away (we were all taken to different locations for some reason), I broke down crying. I tried to explain things to the cop, and she seemed sympathetic, and while she said there’s nothing she could do, she asked why don’t I try running away once we’re out of the elevator (yes, we were now in an elevator for some reason) and hinted she wouldn’t try and stop me

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Dreams, mention of police, drugs (cannabis), mention of parents 

Unfortunately right after we rolled we ran into a squad of police, who instantly saw we had a joint and arrested us

As that was my second cannabis arrest, I was to be instantly expelled from uni and sentenced to a one-year jail sentence with no trial

I was really angry at my friend for risking to roll in such a public place, but mostly I was terrified about what my parents would do when they found out

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Dreams, mention of police, drugs (cannabis) 

Another dream I had last night involved me walking to uni with a bunch of my friends and smoking a joint on the way. The join was rolled really shittily so we had to stop along the way to roll a new one, and for some reason my friend decided to do that in a really public space (at a railway station that we were at for some reason)

Their logic was, this place is so public nobody would think we are doing crimes here, so the CCTVs are likely unmonitored

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Dreams, lewd 

Of course, it all culminated in us having amazing sex at the bottom of the demon-infested cave (which for some reason was my bedroom)

After that she realised they were asexual tho, and we agreed to simply be best friends from here onwards

Definitely one of the most awesome dreams I’ve had in a while, I hope she visits my dreams at some point again

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We instantly hit it off due to us both being transfemme (they alternated between using a feminine name and pronouns and a non-binary name and pronouns) and having a lot of other stuff in common, and went on an epic magical adventure through an ancient tomb full of traps, puzzles, caves, demons, and a primordial rollercoaster

Over the course of which we, of course, became really close cause that’s a really bond-forming experience

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Dreams, mention of parents 

So I had a really interesting dream last night where my dad somehow adopted a genderfluid person around my age (aka an adult). Before introducing me to them, he went like “I just made a big mistake”, probably referring to his hatred of trans people).

They were to live in our old apartment which I was really happy about because I didn’t want to have anything to do with that place

in an age where brands threaten to reduce the entirety of human experience into marketable and copyrightable images used to sell you products, photoshopping mascots and popular characters to smoke joints and say 'fuck the police' constitutes heroism

you don't need a specific reason to not approve a follow. Someone's energy doesn't feel right sure go ahead. No pronouns in bio, sure. whatever reason you want is valid because no one is owed access to you.

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Witchcraft, asking for advice 

Folks, does anyone know good basic protection and cleansing spells? Specifically looking for spells protecting from physical and mental harm to self (and cleansing from harm already done), as well as a spell for success in endeavours

I’m looking into my local magic traditions for this as well but was wondering if anyone here has any advice 😊

The laptop is a Dell G3, for reference

I suppose this is what I get for wanting a laptop that I can play games rather than just do uni work on. My previous computer was a 2014 Macbook Air and that lasted me five years, and was still functional when I “upgraded” to the Dell

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The keyboard on my laptop broke less than a year after I got it

After a few weeks of increasingly frustrating attempts to use a laptop with a broken keyboard, I got it replaced

And now, a few weeks later, the touchpad broke


Ignoring racism is what whites do best, pretending that antiblackness isn't a social currency for non black poc is also what ppl do best

pretending that it isn't a thing will not save you

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this convo in G's mentions reminds me of the person a few weeks ago saying that if you ignore how the Queen's Gambit has a Black women in the show simply to save and serve the white lead...then its a good show...

"If you *ignore* the blantant misogynoir that is essential to the show's plot then like its good!"


Normalising cis people changing their name 2/2 

Yes, I got deadnamed (we didn’t have that word in 1985) and I hated it. If someone used my previous name, my whole body would go into shock, I’d both freeze and shake all over on the inside. It was truly a dreadful and distressing experience, and I didn’t change my gender. I cannot begin to understand how much worse it must be for trans people, whose lives can be on the line. So yes, let’s normalise the shit out of this, and make deadnaming socially unacceptable.

Oh, and it’s NEVER ok to ask someone what their previous name was. If they don’t offer that info, they don’t want to, so don’t ask.

#NameChange #CisPeopleCanChangeTheirNameToo

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Normalising cis people changing their name 1/2 

Been given a name at birth should be just that, your birth name, with the idea that as people get older, if they feel another name suits them better, for whatever reason, it’s ok to change it. That caregivers/parents don’t own you and your name. It’s up to you, it’s your identity.

I say this because I believe it, and because yes, I’m cis and I have changed my name, both first and surname*. This was back in 1985, the day after I turned 18 (I couldn’t do it on the day because workmates took me out to lunch). It wasn’t the done thing, but it was incredibly important to me as it was part of me defining my identity that wasn’t based on other people decisions, rules, perceptions etc. And it really helped me forging my own path.

After all, lots of cis women changing their surname upon marriage has been around for some time and no-one is bothered about that. So why should it matter if you change your first and/or surname?

As others have said, it’s ok to change your name. Let’s normalise the shit out of this.

#NameChange #CisPeopleCanChangeTheirNameToo

The secret pen pal tactic is you can just write letters to someone. Just pick an address and go

sometimes people treat internalized homophobia like it's a sin and not something someone acquired as a way to keep themselves safe that they now need help shedding.

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