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csa, consent 

minors cannot consent to sexuality with adults. minors cannot have a sexual relationship with an adult without it being rape. its inherently coercive. any opinion otherwise is pedophilia apologia

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A few years ago, I made a bunch of Xmas / New Year's cards from ancient ASCII art for my friends (I didn't draw the pictures, but found them in old archives).

Recently I came across them and decided to share them with you today. Happy New Year! :)

I need to remember what i will be dreaming about on the first day of the year

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Son: Good morning!

Me: Morning! Did Mommy leave for work already?

Son: *hugs me* feels like there's a mom under all these blankets!


Toxic mother 

My mother always tells me that i look hairy, fat, bald and generally disgusting and that i'm incomplete as a woman so yeah, sorry for the shitpost
I'm cis if you're interested

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A reminder to myself and everybody reading this
Having boobies smaller than your belly doesn't make you any less beautiful and doesn't make you any less of a woman


i'm very close to getting back into homestuck for the 100th time but i'm standing strong

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remember when i did a small cover thing of Dizzy but made the lyrics about a boy instead

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when girls grow up hair can grow everywhere and that's normal. if someone tells you what to do with your hair, tell them to EAT SHIT. your buttcrack doesn't care so why should they!!!

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It's almost 4 am.. i really have a problem with social media

Masto seems a bit more alive in this time of the day so i figured i repost this >.>

Can you recommend any music albums done by queer folk or queer artists in general? I've been starving for something new for half a year already, so yeah, thought that'll be a good idea :,^) the genre and language doesn't matter, i'll check out anything!
(i guess ??? :,^D)


i've put on 5 kilos and boy oh boy
i hate myself

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i reformatted a zine i made earlier this year to post it as a thread.

i was frustrated with the language used to describe gender and how limiting it is as a nonbinary/genderqueer person to use language centered around the gender binary. this is what sprung from that frustration:

worries about future 

Me thinking that i need to manage to afford a flat rent in moscow by the time i'm 19: :blobthonkang:
Me thinking that i need to make at least $7000 to afford master's degree in another country by tge time i'm 21: :blobhyperthink:

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