Hei folks, so I just moved and my new place is looking really barren right now

Does anyone know where I can buy cute lamps and decorations, preferably made by people of colour/queer people? I'm in the UK if that helps

Also if anyone knows a place where you can buy pride flags and such without giving money to rainbow capitalist corporations that would be very much appreciated 😄

So looking around, things I think this place needs are:
Colour lamps, especially in cute/interesting designs
Posters, flags, other wall art as long as it can be put up with bluetacks
Probably some kind of RGB light strip thing (or two)
Cozy stuff?

@the_gayest_goat_in_town Thanks! I looked at Etsy; I found some really awesome stuff but they're also quite limited in terms of things like lamps and stuff

Also maybe it's just my cynicalness (cynicality?) speaking but they have several stores labelled as "LGBT-owned" and I always get paranoid if they're genuine or just a marketing ploy 😅

@kivihminen if you have the means and energy, DIY is always fun! you can get some generic lamps and make them fancier, or maybe make cool designs on your walls with el wire

@ogrumm Ooh that sounds nice! I've never done DIY before but maybe now is the perfect time to try it :D

@kivihminen and you know for sure it was made by a queer person :p

@kivihminen Me and my partner bought an old lamp for cheap and decorated it with colorful tape, I can share a picture when I get home if you want to see it.

@kivihminen if you're near a big city they might have a monthly market or similar

@xmakina The closest city I would consider visiting is about 5 hours away, but I'll definitely check if they have anything of the sort, thanks c:

@kivihminen crikey! I didn't even realise there was anywhere in the UK that far from a city!

@xmakina Haha there isn't, it's just that the closest big city is London and I'd die again before I step foot in that cesspool :D

And then all the big towns beyond London are so far away that there's no sense going there just for shopping. So I'd rather go do my shopping in a town that I already have a different reason to go to c:

@kivihminen ah that's unfortunate. If you're near Brighton that's also a very good place for lgbtq folks, it's trans pride there today

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