Cultural appropriation discussion, art, music 

@kivihminen as a poc, I personally believe that the main distinctions are: whether or not they know the history of the culture that they are using in their art, if they have spoken to people of that culture, if they are doing it in a respectful way, and that they are ensuring that anyone who consumes that art knows they are not of that culture. If all of those things have been deeply and carefully considered, it is mostly okay

Cultural appropriation discussion, art, music 

I've been talking about music since I'm a musician, but I think this discussion is relevant to all other forms of art as well. And I'd really want to hear what everyone else thinks, I think this is an important discussion especially for us (white) artists as we have to be extra-vigilant in opposing racism and white supremacy in our art


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Cultural appropriation discussion, art, music 

And while the use of strictly religious/spirutual music is clearly cultural appropriation when used outside of that context, what about music that can be both religious or secular - eg Sami joik? Would a non-Sami joiker always be culturally appropriative, or only if they use joik in an appropriative context (eg joiking about Christianity when the Sami people have been victims of Christian colonialism and forced conversion)


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Cultural appropriation discussion, art, music 

What about genres that already have a history of cultural appropriation? For example rock music, which AFAIK was originally played by black musicians, but got appropriated by white people and is now considered a "white genre"? Or jazz, which is and has always been firmly rooted in African musical traditions, but is also played by white people today?


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Cultural appropriation discussion, art, music 

In terms of music, for example, is using an instrument, sound, scale, or technique from a culture that is not your own cultural appropriation? Can it be cultural appreciation, and if so then what steps need to be taken to ensure that the resulting music is appreciative rather than appropriative? Or is it always cultural appropriation? And if so, should people only write or perform music that comes from their (musical) culture?


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Cultural appropriation discussion, art 

I'm really keen on hearing everyone's opinion (but especially that of people of colour) on what consitutes cultural appropriation vs cultural appreciation in art


i literally can’t think of a more violent thing you could say to someone with a mental illness

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you know how ppl sometimes misuse the term ableist for their own benefit? i just want to make clear that saying someone deserves to be “institutionalized” is absolutely not that. jesus fucking christ


I found a person who may be willing to produce my album, and while originally I merely wanted to have an album's worth of material written by the end of summer, now I feel motivated to actually record an album in that timeframe

I feel like having an album out would be kinda like putting my foot in the door of professional music, and make finding gigs and other music-related jobs a lot easier

Plus I'll always be able to do solo gigs playing my own material


Folk punk (and folk & country in general) is a particular genre I think my skills can be applicable in, but I truly mean it when I say I will play whatever you want me to play - from hip hop to jazz to metal

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I just want to put it out there that if anyone ever needs a double bassist, for anything, I'd be more than happy to assist

I can only record onto my iMac's mic, which won't sound super awesome, and I've only been playing for a year, so I can only play or write rather simple basslines... but I am willing to work for free, and will take any opportunity to make music that comes my way c:

Trans shitposting 

My transition goal is to have the body shape of a double bass

I think one of the coolest thing about being a singer is how over time you condition your entire body into being a musical instrument

Like, other instruments do that too to a degree (for example, developing callouses and muscles from bass playing), but being a good singer literally involves altering your lifestyle to hone and optimise your body's ability to produce sound

discussion of outdated psychology terminology 

"psychopathy" nor "sociopathy" are terms used in psychology anymore. they are basically slurs. the DSM (which is incredibly problematic, dont get me wrong) now refers to what was previously called "psychopathy" as "anti social personality disorder."

type B personality disorders are highly stigmatized. they are not traditional mental illnesses, they are very complicated. long and the short of it is there is no good reason to call anyone who has ASPD a psychopath


Why do I, a singer, keep drinking water if my body is just going to pee it out

So ungrateful tbh

Horror movie where the black main characters nope out of the creepy situation in the first five minutes, and its actually just a comedy with news updates of white folks dying in the horror situation occasionally in the background.

Trans stuff (positive) 

Aaaa I'm so happy about my name change I'm gonna go and window shop for floral dresses

Christianity, trans stuff (+) 

Interestingly I never had much difficulty conciling my trans identity and my Christian identity

Like, in the Gospels Jesus basically sums up Christianity's message as 'honour God in everything you do' and 'love others as you love yourself'

Being trans isn't a choice, so in a Christian framework God must have made you trans - there's no other explanation

So isn't it a huge dishonour to God to cast aside that part of your identity and to deny your God-given self?

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