if you're not Black, stop saying "woke" in any context

"woke" as stolen AAVE vocabulary 

the guardian did an ill-advised "so what does 'woke' actually mean" compilation interview and it's notable how the Black contributors 1) were the only contributors who understood the assignment and 2) used the prompt to write illustratively and emphatically about white expropriation of Black social consciousness; whereas the non-Black contributors were on some complete nonsense shit about "'woke' is when people are mean to me on line"


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I'm often saying to people that when it comes to fights for liberation, they should start where they are. That we shouldn't discount the power of what we're doing just because it's easy and natural to us. THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE. wired.com/story/one-womans-mis via @wired@twitter.com

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Quick question for y'all: I'm facilitating a leftist reading club, our planning meet is next week's Friday and I have no idea what I am doing or how to approach this

Does anyone have any advices or knows any resources for planning organising and running a theory club? Any help would be much appreciated!

backpacker tip of the day:

whenever you're at some cool place and you happen to think you shouldn't be taking photos, you should be living the moment and enjoying bork bork;

shut up. take photos. lots of photos.


How do you even fill a tree percolator bong? Should the water cover the tubes entirely or just barely cover the openings?


@kivihminen "the tv's in the living room, your bedroom's upstairs third door on the left, and if you need to use the body sink the bathroom is just across the hall."


If you think about it, a shower or a bathtub is really nothing more than a specialty sink

Shitposty metal music opinion 

Everyone goes on about guitar and drums in metal, but I'd argue a vocalist can make or break a metal band just as much as a guitarist or drummer can

if people defeding from your instance, because the administration is cool with hanging out with racists, upsets you for some reason, then good

Climate nihilism is climate denialism for denialist who can no longer deny climate change. It's an excuse to continue inaction

I think I'm gonna get myself a tambourine tomorrow


Apropos nothing.

There is a saying in Russian, attributed to Stalin: "был бы человек, а статья найдётся", which could be roughly translated as "[it is enough] if there is a man; a [criminal code] article can be found".
Meaning that _anybody_ could be prosecuted and executed if you try hard enough.


Which also reminds me how in USSR, if a person was declared to be an enemy of the people (aka state) (and executed or sent to labor camps to die), their entire family was declared to be a "family of an enemy of the people" which is almost as bad as an enemy of the people themself, and they were also sent to labor camps during some periods.
And of course if someone declared their support for that family, that could only mean they are an enemy of the people, too.

And coworkers or friends of a "member of a family of an enemy of the people" (which was an official term, "ЧСВН: член семьи врага народа") were put in a peculiar position; they couldn't declare their support for that family, but often they couldn't just stay silent, either (especially during interrogations), lest they be branded enemies of the people too.
So they had to denounce these "members of a family", and to invent some stories about how "members of a family" were trying to corrupt them and to instigate them to bethray people (aka state), and how these coworkers or friends were going to report it to the secret police but just didn't have enough time yet. Later they had to publicly denounce "members of families".

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And another ironical thing is how everybody who led the secret police and were tasked with finding and prosecuted and executing enemies of the people, were themselves prosecuted and executed as enemies of the people by their successors. (Kinda like Siths do.)
Regular secret police officers were also routinely purged. IIRC ultimately every fourth secret police officer was prosecuted and executed by secret police as an enemy of the people.
So people doing the purges often ended up being victims of the purges.

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You can just have several names

You can tell different people to address you differently and all of those are "your name"

It's allowed

I think my biggest problem with that blog post is the use of the term "white guilt." I've only seen it used by right wingers, because most people on the left realize systemic racism isn't an individual thing that should be internalized in the form of a subjective emotion (even if we feel awful knowing we may individually benefit from it).

This is always how right wingers frame it though, and there's probably some reasons for that: the first one being that it's easy to then exculpate white people from any role in the problem based on individual experience ("I never owned any slaves"), and then, in the process, create a feeling of aggrievement within their base. Thus, it completely flips the narrative of victimization. Which is exactly what that section of the blog post seems to be doing.

Asking LGBTQ+ people only:

What's your view of the word "queer" in the context of describing LGBTQ+ people?

Boosts appreciated for sample size :)

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