HRT mention 

It’s always been easy for me to build muscle, but those genetics mixed with T and my inability to leave my pull up bar alone is giving me DEFINITION.

When I finally get a car and can go back to the studio, I really hope my aerial instructor can see how dedicated I’ve been despite not being able to take classes in months.

Just discovered neotango and this is absolutely going to be my go-to genre for background music

Selfie/eye contact/religion 

After taking this I found out the dress I wore to my ex’s Mormon prom fits me better now

I’m sure a few people on here will be happy to know that due to my new job, I now know what a VPN is and how it works. Soon enough I’ll finally understand technology!


Tr*mp literally turned the debate into messy reality TV. Yeah, I think B*den is centrist trash but at least he tried to follow the debate guidelines. The secondhand embarrassment, fear, and rage I have about this country is overwhelming. This morning every Pr*ud B*y in the nation began prepping for civil war and there’s nothing we can do except be ready for November 4th.

Weight loss mention 

Moved into my new apartment, started my new job, did my first ever pull up (and can now do 3!!), and lost five pounds from all the heavy lifting and stair climbing I’ve been doing. Now I’ve just gotta find a couple hundred dollars for rent and I’ll be all set to settle into my new life. Things really are looking up for me!

I move in two days and I’ve only packed my books thanks to my complete loss of sense of time. This may be the one time my fear of owning too many things pays off, and it’s an excuse to throw away half of what I own.

Yeah I’m sentient and self-aware, but I’m not happy about it

After weeks of jumping through corporate hoops, I finally got the offer for my new job.

Pay raise, full time hours, a schedule I had only ever dreamed of having, and it’s work from home. Plus the job starts the day after I finish moving to my new apartment, so it’s perfect.
Still gonna pick up hours at the parks on weekends cause they own my soul, but it’ll be nice not having to bus four hours each way every day.

My 10yo sister is talking about potentially making a video game. She keeps talking to me about coding and I don’t know what any of it means, I’m just happy to be a part of the conversation. This kid gives me so much hope for the future.


Update: the receptionist yelled at the applicants for socially distancing, nobody in the office wore a mask, and all the staff were loudly making fun of applicants waiting for their interview. So I won’t be going back cause I got no time for unhealthy work environments.

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Death/drowning (comedic) 

Cute date idea: you and me take a trip to the Florida Keys. I sit in a trash can while you fill it to my neck with cement. You throw me into the water and wait 10,000 years before returning to find that at last I have achieved my dream of becoming a coral reef.


Getting ready for a job interview for an office job is a new level of trans anxiety I wasn’t ready for. I’ve already been called ma’am over the phone by them when nobody has clocked me on the phone in months. Here’s to hoping my androgynous ass gets the job anyways.

"pronouns: no thank you" is either oblivious cis or enlightened enby

Nothing will ever be better than my childhood memories of having an indoor/outdoor pet squirrel. We raised her and named her after hurricane Charlie and tried to rehabilitate her into the world, only for her to insist on sleeping in the house. Every time I’d show up she’d come jumping across the trees to climb on my shoulders. All the other squirrels we rescued didn’t have the same attachment, but Charlie made it very clear she was not going to stay outside.

Today I’m having to bus 6+ hours to run errands that would take an hour or two maximum in a car.

Definitely not sober watching Twilight: Eclipse with friends. This movie is worse than I remember, but I feel so privileged to be here watching it with such great friends.

I would like to experience an earthquake while holding a glass of chocolate milk not yet stirred.

I mean, assuming I’d survive the initial shock of realizing I was experiencing my first earthquake.

I just sent one of my best friends the single worst picture of me I’ve ever taken and had a moment of ‘wow okay how did I feel comfortable doing that’

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