One of those days where all my brain wants is a constant stream of New Pornographers songs

I talk up jangly twee pop but secretly if I could get away with it a non-zero part of me would make the Crystal Furs sound like the New Pornos straight up

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Gaaaah I just love this sound/band so painfully much

God do I have a deep infatuation with this band’s whole thing

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There are days when if you asked me what my favorite song is, ever, I’d say it’s one of two songs from the first New Pornos album. This is one. 😁

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And while I’m dropping hearts on the AC Newman songs let us not forget how good the Dan Bejar songs are too

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@kara oh yeah this is a sound we need to get to!

@src omg yes please please enable me here 😁

@kara as long as Steph is cool it’s just a vocal approach and some crunchy guitars away!

@src I want Comeback Girls et al to friggin *leap* out of the speakers at people 😁

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