And while I’m dropping hearts on the AC Newman songs let us not forget how good the Dan Bejar songs are too

I shot a slow-mo video of the snow in downtown Portland

There are days when if you asked me what my favorite song is, ever, I’d say it’s one of two songs from the first New Pornos album. This is one. 😁

God do I have a deep infatuation with this band’s whole thing

Gaaaah I just love this sound/band so painfully much

I talk up jangly twee pop but secretly if I could get away with it a non-zero part of me would make the Crystal Furs sound like the New Pornos straight up

One of those days where all my brain wants is a constant stream of New Pornographers songs

Really random pull from the archives - the last drone photo I’ve taken so far. 2018, Fort Worth, Near Southside + downtown, a few months before we left

Should really pull that thing out again now in Oregon

selfie, ec 

selfie, ec 

For some reason I’m trying to start this track with rhythmic Morse code

We’ll see how *that* turns out

Clockin’ in down at the ol’ note factory for a bit

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