Linux / systemd 

Is it just me or does the bitchfest surrounding systemd just seem to be mostly bullshit. Yes, while there is some arguments regarding POSIX / SUS compatibility and the UNIX philosophy, why does that matter is the tools are better, easier to use, etc.

And there's no reason in the future things like binary logs and configs can't be converted into text again or an alternative driver created to do this.

It honestly seems like people are complaining about improving usability.

Just discovered the show Comrade Detective. This is some amazing Tankie humor in a period piece. It's quite brilliant.

Is Tusky super slow for everyone else? Is it my on my end, or is just being unresponsive?

What client are y'all out there using?

CW // lewd. More Arbys shitposting 

Bowser slathered his meat in the cheddery sauce as he slapped his other meat against the table.

"Ever have two foot-longs at the same time?" he asked with a devilish grin and a raised eyebrow to the surprised Mario.

"Sir! This is an Arby's!" He said in shock.


Just want to cuddle and plant my eggs inside someone.

It's hard not to be flippant about flat earth.


When you're about to go to sleep but then "bustin' makes me feel good!"

us pol / what is this emotion? 

I know it really might not mean much, but you know that feeling you got as a child on Christmas Eve? I know it may not make much of a difference in the long term, but at least for one fleeting moment, for once I feel a positive anxiety.

It's almost mystical. It's a feeling I haven't felt in a long time and I want to cry tears of joy.

Is there anything more insufferable than a neck-bearded FOSS-bro?


Had a "sumo mandarin" for lunch and it was amazing. I've never had an orange like that.

I might just stay on Testing or move to Sid because of 40. I am loving the redesign. I hope there is a way to revert back to horizontal in Gnome Tweaks or at least gsettings.

Also, please make your more accessible.

In fact, if you have an application that needs documentation of features in it's Help or on the website, hmu. I love pandoc + markdown and a little bit of magic.


I found a great way to make those caned mix greens taste great: add a little olive oil or butter, shiitake mushroom powder, optional hot sauce or chipotle in adobo sauce.

birdsite ban-brag 

Got banned from youtube for a week for being "based af."

Got the rest of the Cities::Skylines expansions today! Gonna make some rad cities now.

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