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I'm a 29 years old cis man. Demisexual and demiromantic crybaby. Had a tough break up with my boyfriend this past summer. With all the chaos happening on this december, a certain blogger recommended, so I came to hang out. I like ! I played a lot of video games growing up, but would like to get more in to table top gaming. I like RPGs, minis, cards and board games alike.

If you don't get a raise at least equal to inflation you're getting a paycut.

I didn't have anything particularly important to say

Just be queer, do crimes against the system of oppression

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I thought the last section of this course, concerning Sweden's official minority languages, would be the easiest, but this is quite heavy reading. I need a break. The sun is shining brightly and I am reminded of last years spring, which I spent lovingly hanging out with my then soon-to-be, now "ex", boyfriend. Sigh...

❤️ Trans women are women
🧡 Trans men are men
💛 Gender is non-binary
💚 Intersectionality is important
💙 Enbies are beautiful
💜 You are valid
🖤 Love is love

I was just made aware of an open source, peer-to-peer video hosting service which seems really neat, called
(thanks for the follow, @scanlime !)

Looks like they posted the video of the interview I did a little while back with Euronews Turkey. Really happy with how it came out :)

(The questions are in Turkish but my replies are in English.)

You are not obligated to relieve the anxiety white people have about their conflict of being direct beneficiaries of a wholly destructive and violent culture. That is not your issue to resolve.

I have no problem with putting in the work to help anyone de-construct whiteness so we can speak as fellow humans and acknowledge the beauty of what that is. That is noble work.

Making white people feel better about what they know is wrong isn't. That is their journey. They have to resolve that.

hi if you use autism as an insult you're a bad person thanks.

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If you haven't already seen it enjoy this footage of police in Bulgaria trying to use pepper spray and the wind blowing it back in their faces

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I just discovered Pokémon Crystal Clear, a ROMHACK that turns Crystal into an open world-game, and may I say that this is amazing? You can choose from tons of starters, including Pikachu and Eevee, and baby Pokémon such as Tyrogue or Smoochum, or for you challenge runs, why not Ditto or Smeargle? Visit gyms in any order (difficulty of each trainer scales up with your Badges earned) and conquered gyms can be re-challenged at higher levels. This is quality content 😍

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