my 'i am not a freaky little pervert' t shirt has a lot of people asking questions already answered by the shirt

krita seems to have gotten much faster since i last used it, which is nice

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my tiny drawing tablet works again.. gonna do some doodle

don’t fucking care if this guy was a comic book artist, a janitor, homeless, whatever: there is no inherent value that determines whether a POC should be worthy of respect, empathy or the right to live

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Fantasy, big gay 

Because it's a skill that's missing in our society, here's how to apologize.

1) Acknowledge harm. "I f'd up." 2) State what you did that was wrong, in a way that shows you understand the harm done.
3) Express regret
4) Say what you're going to change to not cause this harm again
5) Listen.

Don't ask the hurt person for *anything.* It's up to them to accept or not, if they choose.

Don't be clever. Be plain & simple.

uncritical support of bigoted cis women is anti-feminist

what does the b in benoit b mandelbrot stand for? 

look, i will never not pronounce hyperbole like its some sort of cyberpunk version of the superbowl.

in the socialist future of 2100 theater kids will do reimaginations of hamilton set during the global water wars and communist revolution


On Win10 if you press the Windows Key + ; it opens up an emoji picker



imagine telling everyone that their freedom was contingent on the rich being taxed less and getting everyone to go to war to keep it that way

hey wait

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YES I will deliberately force trans readings into texts that don't support them for purely emotional reasons.

NO I will not stop doing this.

MAYBE if my gender identity stopped being the fucking single defining feature of my entire existence on this bitch of an earth then I'd stop thinking about it all the goddamn time.

"I see. And you call it the "Red Sea", despite the fact that it is obviously blue."

actually if the troops died for my freedom of speech that means they died for my right to disrespect them. if you don't disrespect the troops are you really even respecting the troops

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