Please help! I was laid off and the end of the month is approaching 😢

I'm a gay enby doing their best and any amount would be fantastically appreciated for groceries and rent ❤️
Venmo: @ SailorRetrograde
Cash App: $SailorRetrograde

i hate my job because we use a fucked up little platform that makes everything more difficult than it needs to be

math youtube is great because it makes me feel really stupid (gender affirming)

florence + the machine's 2015 album "how big, how blue, how beautiful"

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help wanted, @ all mastodon admins 

Hello fellow Mastodon admins, could you check your log for mastodon-sidekiq.service for Segmentation faults for ":blurHashForPixels"?

You could typically check by doing the following:

$ journalctl -u mastodon-sidekiq

type a slash (/) and then type Segmentation. if there are any results, please let me know. This may be useful for a bug report.

the lgbtq community claims yet another victim 😔

here's a stream of me playing the game I'm currently working on! I was also joined by my partners, who are also working on the game, and we talked about the dev process and other things about the game, too! enjoy ~

the beta version of my new game, Grey Area, is available now! you can pledge $1 or more on my patreon if you'd like to try it out (and support the game)!

mutual aid req, please boost!! 

hey I got a call from what was supposed to be my new job letting me know they changed their mind, I really need to eat and keep the lights on while I look for something else. anything helps!!

cashapp: $digitalcreature

ask your admin today if :violet_cybrespace: is right for you

trans people: exist
me: 🥺🥺🥺🖤💞💞🖤🖤💞

amelia got me a ring but i never got her one so im really like io_uring rn
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