youtube video by a femme talking about in-place migration from ext4 to btrfs on linux and its pros and cons. 142 views.

youtube video by dude in a V for Vendetta mask called "Linux for Hackers" where he goes over how to do the guided install for kali linux. 152K views.

"Your worker-owned co-op sounds nice and all, but what if it's a sunny day and the 'worker-owners' don't want to work that afternoon? What will you do then?"

Now, I'm not MacGyver, but I do have this scratch paper and a sharpie...

I saw this little notebook a few days ago and it has major energy

How many languages do you speak (fluently)

oh god when i close my eyes i see dozens of depleting health bars

as a transgender, my hobbies include having a fun and flirtly personality, genius IQ, and being unfathomably based

i would legit be happy like sweeping floors and stuff if you were able to make a decent living and have time for other things doing it

i'm finding that writing image descriptions can be pretty creatively fulfilling


when i look at how many people are waiting to be told "ok today's the revolution! go go go!" and refuse to do preparatory/systemic work, the idea of revolution as one big self contained event really starts to sound like anti revolutionary propaganda

Unfortunately, as you probably already know, computers


why would you willingly put your body into a slit labeled "hellhole"

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