i think i would like to have a friend that is literally me

There's no such thing as sex
'Sex' isn't some naturally occurring concept. Its a term we all made up and a story we tell ourselves.
Which desires, attractions, touches, bodies and pleasures are considered sexual isn't set in stone.
This become incredibly apparent when you look closer to the edges of what we've socially constructed as sex. Think of the (often invasive and dismissive) question of 'how do (cis) lesbians have sex?'. Or the wonderful world of kinksters that explore feelings most people don't think of a sexual in sexual ways. Or explore things people see as only sexual in non-sexual ways. Think of the western conception of breasts as intrinsically sexual and how that's not at all a universal idea. Think of how some bodies are considered more sexual than others and how sexuality is denied from others.


These thoughts brought to you for #aceweek

today i learned pumpkin spice has no pumpkin in it. i'm so disappointed

Normalize being socially inept. Just absolutely incapable of talking to people

being bi is so fucking cool dude. Im so happy

help a black queer youth bury her father and get home for the funeral!

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