I’ve modified my feed reader to accept `figure` and `figcaption`—I mean, why not?—but because of how _microformats feeds_ are parsed, images themselves are stripped from _photo posts_, to be shown underneath, leaving the caption rather lonely. One way to deal with this is interpret photo posts’ content as (mostly) plain text, I guess.


It’s my still limited understanding of all things #IndieWeb, undoubtedly, but all of this _feels like_ it’d be easier if we stopped trying to mimic Facebook products and just accept semantic HTML and be done with it.



@jan Somewhat related, i'm working an extended native feed element. All it does is fetch a feed from a federated platform and spit it out in some native article, fieldset tags and such. I'm hoping i can show it off in a day or two when i put up my devlog website

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