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"My name's Healie (slurp) I'm still just a healslime at the moment, but I'm going to become a human one day. Hey! Maybe I'll become human if I start hanging out with humans! Can I tag along with you?"

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Pinned Intro Post because all the kids are doing it:

Hi! My name is... incredibly uncommon and I feel uncomfortable disclosing it. But you can call me Hella!
I'm a trans woman, poly, autistic, queer/lesbian, weeb, basically all the stereotypes.

My primary special interests are music and handheld video games

I like synthwave, post-rock, doom metal, the Mountain Goats, other random stuff

I mostly play games on Switch and steam games on my GPD Win 2 but I also have a Pocket Go and a 3DS

I haven't been on mastodon in ages :o I wonder if anyone noticed I was gone haha

I just wanna know if Smash Mouth actually gave the person change or not

The snow's coming down!
I'm watching it fall!

I think I would enjoy Dark Souls gameplay but it's not cute. If someone made a soulslike but replaced the grimdark fantasy stuff with cute anime nonsense I'd probably play it for a gillion hours

His Dark Materials ;_;
What I expected: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
What I got : Now and Then, Here and There

Food, womanhood 

Last year was like the Winter of Love but this year it's the Winter Of Emo </3

Yesterday during DND we were in a cave fighting a Roper, and I was wild shaped as a Night Monkey and Donkey Kong Juniored my way across it's tentacles.

Gushing about gf, language 

tbh the "Uhaul Lesbian" stereotype is still funny but it feels very outdated these days? I think it was mostly a Gen X phenomenon.

Like even if you did fall in love quickly and wanted to move in with someone right away, who would even have the income or flexibility to actually do that anymore.

Ellen Page as The Tiny Gay Lumberjack in "Ellen Page vs. The Power Outage" (2016)

So did Mr. Bosstones never have to knock on wood, or did he never have to, knock on wood?

Nintendo needs to remake Kirby's Dream Course for the Switch with 4-player mode can you imagine the chaos :o

Kirby's Dream Course has the perfect balance of skill and strategy and silly random bullshit that makes it the perfect multiplayer game <3

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