gente, sumi, estudando horrores, minha instancia eu simplesmente deixei morrer

how often are avatars updated in mastodon?

my main issue in installing it were: certbot.

this is it.

pleroma is SO LIGHTWEIGHT and i'm running it, yayyyyyyyyyy

i get this weird obsession of trying to install software

wheres the new php activity pub federated microbloggin service

apparently gnu social and mastodon don't go well together

i've downloaded pleroma so many times.......

isn't there any fediverse microblogging app written for php + apache?

ok i fucked the mastodon instance and for a reason i don't understand i can't seem to be able to install pleroma by following the tutorials (i tried all the distros available!!!!)

dooes pleroma consume less storage than mastodon? because i can't understand HOW it is taking so much with 2 users and absolutely no activity at all except for 5 toots

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I say this with an open and loving heart: the more I try to understand, the less I understand.

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